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Cancun Breaks Pre-Pandemic Tourism Record, Offers Romantic Activities for Couples


Cancun just broke its tourism record for the month of September, rising past pre-pandemic levels. The news comes as travelers head to the popular beach city known for offering many different activities and attractions. Notably, couples are finding many options for intimate romantic experiences among the iconic natural landscapes. 

Photo by Jose from Pexels
Photo by Jose from Pexels

Tourism Surges in Cancun

According to the Airports of the Southeast group which is in charge of the terminal in Cancun, the airport handled 1.66 million passengers during September. This represents a 4.4% increase from 2019, and a significant rise from the 854,000 passengers in 2020, the heigh of the pandemic. 

Passenger levels at the Cancun airport for 2021 are expected to exceed pre-pandemic tourism levels, meaning that the city is headed for a favorable year. 

The rise in tourism is widely attributed to the lack of barriers to entry in regards to Covid-19. There is currently no vaccine requirement for tourists, like there is in the U.S., as well as no negative-test proof for entry. 

This is welcome news to European and North American travelers who have faced strict restrictions and mandates which in some cases forced them to quarantine and wear a mask. Health precautions in Mexico are largely voluntary, although a considerable number of establishments do require guests to wear face masks.  

Of course, the lax restrictions had consequences in early Spring when Covid-19 cases surged in Cancun. This was largely due to spring break and Easter holiday travels, and the local government was forced to limit capacity inside restaurants and hotels. However, these restrictions have eased since infection levels have lowered. 

Lighting the Spark in Magical Cancun

Cancun is a popular destination in Mexico for its beaches and wide selection of ocean activities for the whole family. However, there is another side of the city which can help light the spark between couples among the most exotic and exciting landscapes and tours. 

One romantic idea would be a private dinner cruise in Cancun. This would get any couple’s stress brought down to pre-pandemic lifestyle levels. Moana Cancun offers an intimate luxury catamaran for two to Isla de Las Mujeres. With private chef service and craft cocktails, couples can enjoy the privacy of an entire vessel to themselves while sailing through the incredible ocean landscape. 

Of course, couples don’t need to look too hard to find something romantic to do- the miles of white sand beaches stretching across the coast can offer a place to walk hand-in-hand while enjoying the sunset. Beaches such as Punta Venado located near Playa del Carmen is a great spot away from the noise and traffic of the city center. Notably, the lack of hotels along the coastline means there is less pollution in the ocean water nearby, making it a great romantic setting. 

There are also many incredible landscapes that adventurous couples can explore together, such as the ruins of a Mayan port city. The caves and natural springs near Tulum, just south of Cancun, are open for tours and show off the wild rock formations that form just below the surface. 

Some deep wells, also called cenotes, are only accessible through underwater tunnels, which also lead to caves reserved for ancient Mayan ceremonies. The beaches and towns near Tulum also offer many places to relax and unwind with a beer and meal together after the day’s excitement. 

Of course, couples looking for a romantic getaway don’t need to research a specific activity or tour, since the magical landscapes of this Caribbean coast are enough to experience. As Cancun gets ready to receive even more visitors, there will be more places open and less restrictions, meaning the opportunities are endless.