Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Price of festive treat goes pie-high in Covent Garden

SOCIAL media users have been left appalled by the shopping and entertainment hub as they were found charging customers five pounds for a festive mince pie. 

The shop, which the name of is not currently known but is located in Covent Garden, is selling the well loved Christmas treat for a whopping £5. 

Users online have been left fuming with the vendors as four mince pies can be found at Tesco for £2.50.

The £5 mince pies
The £5 mince pies on sale in a Covent Garden shop.

Some critics have claimed that they can find six of the pastries for £1.99 at their own local stores. 

The image shows seven medium-sized pies, with a slightly emaciated pale colour to the pastry. 

The mince pies are topped with a Christmas themed design, either an off-centred holly wreath, Christmas tree or star. 

A sign in front of the festive treats reads “rich mince pies £5”.

Walter Which shared the shocking prices on Facebook yesterday (MON), writing: “Rich?

“You’d need to be.”

The social media post has received over 250 likes and has been commented on over 75 times from users appalled to see the price of the snack.

Dávid Hollósi said: “Bruh.

“What can those mince pies do? 

“Cure cancer?


Covent Garden GV £5 mince pies
Covent Garden where the £5 mince pies were sold.

Matt David Jupp wrote: “I can get 18 from Sainsburys for that price.”

Nicole Phillips commented: “A Fiver.

“That’s steep, maybe it’s something in the icing sugar.”

Steve Saunders replied: “That and a packet of spicy Cheetos.

“You’ll need another mortgage”

This is not the first ridiculously priced product to have been spotted around London in the last few days. 

A Leicester Square tube station shop was snapped up selling a 225 grams bag of spicy Cheetos for £6.99. 

And outside the capital, Edinburgh’s Christmas Market was found to be selling Lidl mulled wine for a markup of 366% in 2015.

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