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NewsYou superfan creates Joe Goldberg's "kill room" on Animal Crossing

You superfan creates Joe Goldberg’s “kill room” on Animal Crossing

A superfan of the hit Netflix series You has created Joe Goldberg’s “kill room” on Animal Crossing. 

Luna Docherty has made a whole house replicating rooms from the hit thriller series, including Love’s bakery from season three and season one’s book store.

Other rooms featured in the five bedroom house include the Anarvin store from season two and the library from season  three. 

Joe Goldberg's kill room on animal crossing
Luna has now made a whole five bedded house dedicated to the show.                                                (C) Luna Docherty

One image shows the cartoon replication of the dark and twisted “kill room” which has four glass walls enclosing a test dummy lying on the floor alongside mysterious red liquid. 

The room has familiar metal shelves as seen in the show and is accompanied by a small wooden work table with tools and paper on top. 

Another image shows Love’s bakery which she impulsively buys at the beginning of Season three. 

This room is replicated with light blue tiling, a glass display for freshly baked goods, an oven and even a till. 

Luna, from Florida, USA, shared her unique creation to Facebook on Wednesday, writing: “I made Joe’s room in my Animal Crossing game.” 

The post has now collected over 4,500 likes with more than 700 comments and 800 shares from users who loved the quirky creation. 
Emely Larissa Aparicio said: “I love that you added shelves with plants to make it more comfortable! I feel like that’s something Joe might do.”

Carissa Thomas replied: “Okay, this is amazing!”

Nicole Rankin commented: “Omg I want to do this in my game now, great job!”

Philecia Wynn Isaacson wrote: “Haha omg this is so awesome!” 

Speaking today Luna said: “I made the Joe room because my island is TV/Movie themed and I really enjoyed the show YOU it was a good thriller. 

“It took me a few days to figure it out but once that light bulb went off it came together nicely. 

Love's bakery in animal crossing
Luna’s recreation from Love’s season three bakery.                                                                               (C) Luna Docherty

“I’ve themed an entire house around the show. I have the bookstore from season one, Anavrin as well as Joe’s kill room from season two. 

“I have Love’s bakery and the library from Season three too.” 

You is a Netflix original series which was first released in 2018. 

Since then the show has become a world-wide hit with the most recent third season having only just been released on the 15th of October. 

The show follows a perverted protagonist named Joe Goldberg who goes through separate phases of obsessing and stalking different women. 

Often his creepy antics lead him to scenarios where he has to murder to help cover his tracks. 

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