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Amazon customers get “flimsy” cutouts instead of “3D Light-Up” Christmas decoration

AMAZON shoppers have been receiving 2D cutouts of chickens on plastic when ordering 3D Christmas garden decorations.

Dozens of customers have hit out at the retailer online after paying up to £20 for a 3D Light-up Chicken with Scarf but being sent “flimsy” plastic cutouts of chickens instead.

The item, listed on the Amazon website as “lifelike”, features images of a “sturdy” 3D chicken ornament made from “high quality metal” perched outside in the snow.

How the decoration was advertised
The chicken looked far more glamorous online.

An advert also boasts that the decoration is “waterproof and durable” so buyers “don’t have to worry about rain, snow, frost or sleet”. 

However, the description and images on the site are far from what many customers have been receiving ahead of the festive season.

Expecting their orders to be delivered in a box, customers have been left shocked when their items arrived in small, flat envelopes.

Customers have taken to leaving reviews on Amazon and social media over the past two weeks to complain about “false advertising” on the product.

One user wrote: “Nothing like it says on the description, don’t bother buying it.

Another shopper said: “Imagine my surprise when my light chicken turned up in an envelope style package. 

“Cardboard absolutely stank of smoke and inside was a very poorly printed chicken on acrylic. 

“It wasn’t 3D and lights were included but loose like an LED string light so I have no idea how you are supposed to use them. 

“Please do not purchase and seller please change your photographs and description to reflect what you are actually selling!”

One member wrote: “This is nothing like what is written here.

“It’s a flat chicken shaped piece of plastic! It doesn’t have solar lights at all, it comes with a small wire set of lights that can’t go outside.”

Another commented: “This product is not as described. I was expecting a 3D metal chicken. Did I get that? No, I got a bit of plastic and some waterproof lights. 

How the chicken decoration actually looked
Shoppers have felt hard done by after receiving the their packages.

“To make things worse, the chicken’s legs were snapped off!”

Another buyer wrote: “Rubbish. This is false advertising.

“Do not buy this product.”

The same 3D Light-Up Chicken garden ornament has been listed by several sellers from between £9.99 to £19.99 on Amazon, with many being located in China.

In one listing, by seller Hetian Medical, the description reads: “The chicken symbolizes auspiciousness, luck, a smoother career and work, promotion and wealth, step by step, health and longevity, and brings hope and light to life.

“The Light-Up Chicken With Scarf is made of strong high-quality metal, the delicate design uses different colors for the mouth, eyes, combs, legs and body of the chicken, which can be distinguished more clearly, making this light chicken decoration look lifelike and very lifelike.

“Don’t worry about leaving your chicken in the cold, it can be displayed for a long time in your home. It can be used not only this winter, but also next year.”

Speaking today an Amazon spokesperson said: “All sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who do not will be subject to action including potential removal of their account. The product in question’s being removed.”

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