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London restaurant criticised for extremely cramped toilet – which requires hole in the cubicle door for it to open past the seat

A LONDON restaurant has been criticised for its extremely cramped toilet – which requires a hole in the cubicle door for it to open past the seat.

The nearly unusable male lavatory in La Ballerina in London’s Covent Garden was snapped by customer Kevin Coyne, 41, last week. 

Installed in far too tight of a space, the toilet is literally poking into the swinging door, giving the unlucky customer an uncomfortable squeeze.

The cramped toilet
The cramped toilet has a hole cut out in the door for customers to enter the toilet.

The dodgy piece of work has a piece of timber cut out of the door to allow customers to open the door just enough to fit into the cubicle.

With the door already brushing so close to the toilet bowl, there is very little space left for customers to be able to shut the door behind them.

Also if customers do manage to fit into the cramped cubicle, then the ominous hole left in the door will prevent any real level or privacy.

Kevin Coyne, from London, posted the dumbfounding joinery work to Facebook on Thursday, writing: “Italian restaurant, Covent Garden.”

La Ballerina restaurant
La Ballerina restaurant.

The post has now collected over 500 likes with hundreds of comments from users who found the toilet hilarious.

Andrew Webb said: “I guess this was the guy who could do it cheaper.”

Jordan replied: “This is very classy compared to some of the places I’ve taken a s***.”

Kayleigh King wrote: “I can imagine the conversation ‘shall we take back this cheap toilet for a smaller one? Or put a horrible chunk in the door so it fits?’

“There were no brains given to these tradesmen.”

Liv Parker added: “Haha, I have used a toilet with worse design sense, they simply cut the bottom of the door off so it would clear the toilet, but meant you had no privacy at all just above the waist anonymity.”

Speaking today, Kevin said: “The place looked a bit dated and basic and I wasn’t too sure myself, but the other half said let’s go in.

“My little one needed the bathroom, so I took him down to the basement where the toilets were.

“That’s when I saw the toilet door.

Kevin Coyne
Kevin Coyne, 41, who snapped the toilet.

“I thought it was really funny and I had to take a photo and post it on social media.

“But at the same time I couldn’t believe it considering the location of the restaurant.” 

La Ballerina, located on Bow Street, is described as a pre-theatre Italian restaurant that specialises in grilled food and pasta.

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