Thursday, June 30, 2022
Top StoriesCops pull over car with £700 worth of M&S stolen goods

Cops pull over car with £700 worth of M&S stolen goods

POLICE pulled over an erratic driver and found over £700 worth of stolen goods from Marks and Spencer – including a hoard of Percy Pig memorabilia. 

Cops were suspicious after spotting the shoplifting motorist driving erratically in Hampshire last week.

When they pulled over the silver BMW SUV and searched the vehicle they found hundreds of pounds of items that had been stolen from the high-end retailer.

The stolen goods pictured
Hampshire Police tweeted the stolen goods.                                                                        Credit: Twitter/HantsPolRoads

Images show that the shoplifter targeted several Percy Pig items, including the store mascot’s range of sweets, candles, lights and piggy banks.

Seven bottles of Christmas must-have Light-Up Musical Gin bottles, worth £40 each, were found in the vehicle.

Two bottles of M&S Conte Priuli Oro Prosecco, priced at £60 each, and two bottles of Conte Priuli Rose, priced at £48 each, were also in the car.

Other daily food items such as crisps, coleslaw, a large cheese pizza and cold cuts of ham were also pinched during the supermarket sweep. 

The car that was pulled over
The silver BMW was pulled over by police.                                                                           Credit: Twitter/HantsPolRoads

Hampshire Road Policing tweeted a photo showing the stolen stash and the car last Friday, writing: “This vehicle was stopped by units yesterday afternoon after the driver was seen driving erratically.

“Suspicions were raised and the vehicle was searched. 

“Over £700 worth of stolen goods found. 

“They weren’t just shoplifters, they were @marksandspencer shoplifters.”

The post has attracted over 300 likes and comments from shocked social media users.

@allofatizzy said: “Makes me livid. I suppose they received a slapped wrist. Punishment rarely fits the crime.”

@KF_Princessky wrote: “I don’t know what they did but I have seen it when people just push a whole trolley straight out the door, depends on the store layout and staffing etc.”

@SOwen76 commented: “What happens to the perishable items? Do they get returned to the store and donated to food banks, disposed of or do they say you keep them as a thanks”

However, other Twitter users took the lighter view on the incident and opted to comment on the choice of what had been taken. 

@SophOwen23 said: “Who steals a plain old cheese pizza? M&S or not, someone’s got some plain tastes”

@DanFalconer added: “Everyone loves Percy Pig!”

@JMichaelNHS stated: “Shoplifters with standards.”

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