Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Ryanair passenger films video of man with huge bogey hanging off his face

A RYANAIR passenger captured a vile video of a man sitting with a long stringy bogey hanging from his nose during a flight.

Caoimhe Crawley was horrified after she spotted the thick mucus hanging from a fellow passenger’s nose on Monday.

The 20-year-old claims the man was asleep so didn’t clear the hanging bogey for over 40 minute on the flight from Amsterdam to Dublin.

Caoimhe said fellow passengers were left “uncomfortable” by the incident.

She captured a video looking mortified before filming the mucus dangling while the man slept with his head tilted forward on the flight

The man’s face mask is tucked beneath his nose allowing for the two inch long bogey to hang loose.

The slimy mucus is shown bouncing and bobbing around as the plane sends tremors through the snot. 

The man had a bogey hanging out his nose
The sleeping man had a bogey hanging out his nose.                                                                   Credit: Caoimhe Crawley

Despite hanging so low, the thick mucus doesn’t fall from the man’s face.

 Caoimhe, from Louth in the Republic of Ireland, said that the man appeared to be “intoxicated”. 

She claims she spotted the same man in the airport after disembarking the aircraft with mucus smeared across his head and beside his ears. 

The customer service advisor shared the video to TikTok on Tuesday, writing: “@Ryanair so help me god.” 

The post has now collected over 56,000 likes with thousands of comments from disgusted viewers.

@ShannonDoyle wrote: “The guy next to him looks stressed as f**k, understandable though.” 

@teddyr150 said: “That’s actually vile. No way I’d still be sitting there if I was that guy next to him.” 

@ElleYoung added: “I would be sick there and then.” 

Speaking today Caoimhe said: “I was just coming home from a weekend trip to Amsterdam. 

“I was actually asleep on the plane when my friend beside me woke me up in hysterics over the man beside us. 

“There was about 40 minutes left of the flight and we were all waiting for the mucus to drop. 

“We were egging him on but he was completely unconscious and definitely intoxicated. It made our flight home.

“Eventually he wiped it but then another one appeared straight after.

“When we got off the plane we saw him in the airport. Some of it was on his head, some beside his ears.

“The lad beside him couldn’t sit straight, everyone on that row felt uncomfortable honestly.” 

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