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NewsAnimal NewsAdorable image shows guilty looking pup next to toppled over Christmas tree

Adorable image shows guilty looking pup next to toppled over Christmas tree

AN ADORABLE image shows a guilty-looking Labrador puppy sitting next to a Christmas tree just moments after bringing it down. 

Owner Chelsea Baker captured the photograph of eleven-week-old Olly sitting beside the chaos he created at their home in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, yesterday.

Chelsea, 29, had just put up the tree two hours before Olly tried to steal one of the baubles from one of the branches and brought the 6ft tree crashing down.

Olly sitting next to the fallen Christmas tree
Olly the Labrador got caught in the tree and brought it down.                                                           Credit: Chelsea Baker

The pup was so excited he ended up initially getting entangled in the Christmas lights on the tree.

Care assistant Chelsea decided to capture a snap of the mischievous golden pooch with his ears slightly back sitting next to the toppled tree and scattered baubles.

She posted the photograph on Facebook shortly after the incident last night, writing: “Oh the fun…”

The post has since gained over 300 likes and more than 100 comments from dog owners who thought the picture was “priceless”.

Chelsea with puppy Olly
Olly with owner Chelsea before he took down the Christmas tree.                                                      Credit: Chelsea Baker

Diane Turner said: “Butter wouldn’t melt.”

Glynn Bennett wrote: “He just thought it was too early to have the tree up.”

Kay Hudson commented: “My puppy did exactly the same thing to my tree this morning.”

Helen McGuigan added: “Bless priceless picture but the face says it wasn’t them.”

Chelsea later added another photograph of the Christmas tree back in the correct upright position after “normality had resumed”.

Speaking today, Chelsea said: “He tried stealing a bauble but brought the whole thing down with him.

“He got tangled up in the lights and was barking to be freed.

“He had tried to steal the bauble then as the tree fell he tried rushing out but got tangled in the lights.

“Me and the kids just started laughing, the tree hadn’t even been up for two hours.

“I think if it happens again we’ll just have to put the tree back in the garage. I think we’ll just have to fence it off.”

“Olly is usually good as gold, I think he just got excited by the lights and baubles and wanted to try and play with the tree.”

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