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Scot surprises partner with incredible Botox-themed cake for birthday

A SCOTS hairdresser surprised his partner with an incredible Botox-themed birthday cake to celebrate his 50th birthday.

Stephen Finlayson presented Tommy McEwan with the cake that was modelled on his face covered in anti-wrinkle injections during his birthday party on Saturday.

The 52-year-old, from Glasgow, spent £360 on the impressive 7lbs cake because his partner is “partial to a bit of Botox”.


Images show the impressive cake featuring an edible Tommy wearing a black blazer, brown hair and an “I love Botox” badge.

Three fake needles have been stuck into the forehead, cheek and mouth area of the hilarious personalised cake made by Christie Howieson at Cake Days A Week.

A video shows Stephen surprising Tommy with his cake at The Coachman Hotel in Kilsyth, North Lanarkshire at the weekend.

Tommy can be seen smiling away in delight at the thoughtful gesture as his friends and family take photographs of him with the lemon and white chocolate flavoured cake.

Retail manager Tommy gets anti wrinkle injections twice a year to stay youthful so thought “it was only natural” for him to be given a Botox-themed cake.

The botox cake
Tommy absolutely loved the cake.

Speaking today, he said: “I thought it was hilarious, it was just brilliant. 

“The cake was fabulous, sparklers all over it. 

“People were gravitating to the floor when they seen it. 

“As I am turning 50 I do anything to look a wee bit younger.

“I got a lot of Botox vouchers for my birthday – that’s the joke, but it was a great night. 

“Everybody all said that they needed this party, first time family and friends have all been under one roof. 

“Seeing my family and friends enjoying themselves exceeded expectations and everyone felt like they had let a weight off. It was great.”

Partner Stephen added: “The cake was about 7lbs, it was quite heavy.

“It did taste amazing, we cut it last night and it was fantastic.

“Everybody was blown away by the cake.

“I kept trying to take pictures of him to give to Christie to make the cake and in the end I had to tell him to try on outfits for the party so I could take pictures.”

The botox cake
The Botox cake had three needles injected into a Tommy depiction.

Tommy posted about his cake on Facebook yesterday, writing: “Well it’s time to start working through the cake and start eating me.”

The post has gained over 100 likes and comments from friends on Facebook.

Carol Smith said: “This is an amazing cake. Best one I’ve seen in a long time.”

Wendy Graham wrote: “The cake is absolutely brilliant.”

Linzi Shorthouse added: “The best cake I’ve ever seen, it’s just fab.”

Sharon O’Hare commented: “Fab cake, hope it tastes as good as it looks.”

And Gail Calvertsaid: “Brilliant cake Tommy. Your party looked fab.”

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