Beavers are full of heart for life saving defibrillator provisions


THE YOUNGEST section of an East Lothian Scouting Group has installed a lifesaving external defibrillator at a local village hall as part of a wider campaign to improve first responder facilities across Gullane.

The new defibrillator is the second external defibrillator enabled by a fundraising initiative by  the Gullane Beavers and was supported by the British Heart Foundation and a £1000

donation from CALA Home (East).

Stationed at Gullane Village Hall and available for use by the wider community – the new  defibrillator will be accessible 24/7, helping to provide lifesaving first aid at any time of the  day or night.

A third external defibrillator which was funded separately  is also available at the Astro sports pitch in Gullane.

The Beaver Leader said: “The village hall is a widely used community space in a high  footfall area within the town, so having an external defibrillator here is crucial.

“To now have three external defibrillators and with plans for a fourth, in a town as small as  Gullane is an outstanding achievement and will undoubtedly help save lives for many years  to come.

We’re incredibly proud of all our beavers and grateful for all the support received so far.”

Starting with a letter writing campaign to request support from the community back in May  2019, the Gullane Beavers have now raised sufficient funds to facilitate external

defibrillators to be installed at Gullane Village Hall and Gullane Golf Club.

In addition the Gullane Beavers are hoping to install a further external defibrillator, near

Gullane Beach car park with help from the Sandpiper Trust – a not for profit charity that  helps improve first responder equipment in rural areas – which will mark the final phase of  the campaign.

Danny Owenson, Site Manager with CALA Homes (East), said: “We are delighted to assist such a worthwhile cause in a town we have such a strong affiliation with.

“The Beavers have done a great job with this initiative and we’re honoured to have played a small part in providing such vital equipment for the wider community.”

CALA has a long history working in the Gullane area – contributing more than £3.3 million in section 75 contributions to date.

Saltcoats Grange by CALA Homes (East) is due to launch to market over the coming months – offering a mixed variety of properties suitable for a variety of lifestyles – including 38 affordable homes.