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How To Design An Awesome Spotify Playlist Cover

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

If you are about to go deep into the music industry and create your brand, you should listen to market leaders and follow their tips. To be noticeable on streaming platforms is crucial for artists and not only with their cruft but with visual content. 

Let’s consider how to create a beautiful cover for Spotify Playlist. The standard size for a Spotify playlist cover is a 600 × 600 pixel image and you can make the cover using sites that offer these services. Designing an awesome Spotify playlist is easy and simple. With this article, you will discover how to create one in minutes so keep reading.

  1. Choose an Image

This is the major focus of your design and it should be the first thing to do it will dictate the other contents of your design. To get a perfect image, it must have a principal point of focus and a lot of free space for your text(s).

Another thing you must remember is that you cannot use copyright images. So, instead of downloading an image from Google, try sites that offer free images. If you cannot get one that suits your preference, you can create one on apps for designs. However, remember that your chosen image must compliment your Spotify playlist’s content. 

For example, if your playlist is titled “10 Love Songs of All Times”, complementary images could be two people holding hands and walking on a lonely road, or two people wrapped in each other’s arms.

Finally, keep things on your image simple. An image with too much text, colors that are not complementary, will look untidy.

Remember, images are the first thing that people notice first so you want to choose images that grab the attention fast.

Things to note:

First of all, use a square image.

Secondly, the image file size must be a maximum of 4MB.

Finally, it must be in JPEG.

2. Select a Font

Choosing your font is another thing that you must do deliberately. A good font can grab attention just as a poor font can cause people to ignore your playlist. To get the right font, make sure you put all of these into consideration:

First of all, make sure all your font sizes are those that people can easily read at a first glance. Fonts that are in the block and bold form may be hard on the eyes both in their big and small sizes. Similarly, fonts that are thin and light may cause people to strain their eyes to read them.

Also, find a font that complements the contents of your playlist. If your playlist is love-themed, you may want to go with script fonts. Similarly, if your playlist is rock-themed, a font that imitates dripping of something wet may be your best bet. 

Lastly, limit your texts to a few words and ensure the color matches the image background.

3. Pick a Theme Color

The theme color depends on whatever image that you have selected for your playlist. The theme color for Spotify is dark so you want your work to be noticeable and not lost in the background. Thus, you should use lighter or brighter colors to make users notice your design.

Finally, preview your playlist cover to make any last changes before downloading for use.

If you follow the rules in this article, you are sure to get a playlist cover that stands out. So, do as you have read.