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Workwear For Construction Managers: How to Maintain a Professional Look on Site


Typically, when we think of workwear for managers we picture professional three-piece suits, smart shirts and shoes. However, for construction mangers, the dress code is a lot harder to master than you may think.

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Not only can construction sites be dangerous, but they are also not the ideal place for smart workwear. In fact, all construction managers need to ensure that they are dressed smartly but most importantly safely. Today, we will be discussing how all construction managers can maintain a professional look on site.

Tailored Trousers

As a manger you want to maintain a look of professionalism. So, when it comes to trousers, you are best opting for something like a slim-fit chino. Not only do they look smart, but they are much more comfortable and practical than a pair of jeans. You’ll find your team on site will be wearing functional work trousers. As the manager, you want to maintain a more professional look and, in a way, try to differentiate yourself from them so people can notice you are the manager upon visiting the site.

It is worth looking at some of the best work trousers for men online. There is an abundance of articles and reviews out there to help give you some well-needed outfit inspiration. Slim-fit chinos may not work for you. Luckily, there are plenty of different trouser styles out there for you to give a try. Remember, practicality is key.

Shirts And Polos

When it comes to construction, there is not a lot of pressure for you to look super sharp. In fact, dressing too professional could make you stand out for the wrong reasons. Instead, when it comes to choosing your top, it is best to opt for a casual shirt, like a flannel or a polo shirt. They help you to maintain a smart-casual look, but they are also a lot more practical and comfortable. It is recommended that you save the polo shirts for the warmer months and opt for a thicker long sleeve shirt during the colder months.

Ensure Your Clothes Are Fitted Correctly

Typically, construction workers will wear baggy and loose-fitting clothes as they are a lot more comfortable to work in. However, as the manager, you want to look a bit neater and more put together. So, it is recommended that you wear clothing that is fitted correctly. Try to ditch the baggy look for something more refined. It is recommended that you wear trousers that are tailored as it will certainly help you to maintain a professional and put together look.

You can either visit a tailor, or you can try your hand at doing it for yourself. There is plenty of helpful tutorials online which can teach you how to alter the waist of your trousers and turn up the hem. Granted this can take a lot of practice to get right.

Dealer Boots

Safety boots are crucial when visiting any construction site. Not only are they going to protect your feet from any falling debris, but they are also going to protect your feet from punctures or penetration such as stepping onto a nail. Construction sites are known to have uneven surfaces full of rubble and debris, so it is important that you wear the correct footwear to stay safe. However, safety boots can struggle to look professional.

So, what’s the solution? Find a safety boot that looks professional of course! Safety boots like these are ideal as they look smart, but they are also doing their bit to protect your feet. Dealer boots have quickly become a popular safety boot for many construction managers. At first glance you wouldn’t even notice they are protective footwear.

Go Simple with Accessories

When you are on the construction site, safety is the priority. So, you don’t want to stack up your accessories when they aren’t really needed. There will be no need to carry around a briefcase or wear a lot of jewellery. If anything, they can just get in the way and increase your risk of injury. Instead, you should wear enough accessories to bring that professional look together. A belt and watch are two essential accessories. As well as their functionality, they also offer a distinctive look.

The great thing about a watch is there are plenty of options out there. Ideally, you want to choose a watch that has a strong strap, so it is durable. It can also be a good idea to opt for a watch that has a shatterproof face. You can learn more about some of the best watches for men through some online research.

Choose A Neutral Colour Palette

Colour palette may not be something that you have first thought about when choosing your work outfits. However, it is important to note that some colours are better to wear on a construction site than others. It is best to opt for a neutral colour palette. Construction sites can be dirty. Dust, dirt and debris can constantly fly around. Colours like khaki, brown, beige and grey are the way forward. Not only will they show up less dirt, but they will also help you maintain a professional look. After all, a white shirt covered in dirt and dust is not a great look.

Switch Smart Jackets for More Layers

So, we’ve established that construction managers should aim for a smart-casual look rather than a full three-piece suit. However, what about outerwear? The colder months can be harsh, and you’ll certainly need something to wear over your shirt. Typically, you would expect a manager to wear a suit jacket or blazer. However, this isn’t very practical for a construction site. You don’t want to wear anything that is too rigid and restricting. Instead, it’s time to prioritise layering.

Instead of wearing a smart jacket, you should aim to add more layers. For instance, if you wear a t-shirt, you can put a shirt over the top of it. Then you can take a thicker shirt, like a flannel, and place this over the top as a jacket. If this all sounds a bit confusing, then it could be worth doing some research. There is plenty of advice online about how to layer your clothing. It helps you maintain a smart and neat look without making you look too out of place on site.

Always Have Spare Clothes Handy

Now you have your fashion tips in check, there is an all-important rule that all construction managers should follow. Always have a spare pair of clothes handy. No matter who you are and what you do on site, you are going to find it very difficult to avoid dirt, debris and dust. There may be a time during the day where an emergency meeting or visit crops up. In these instances, you want to ensure that you are prepared.

There is nothing worse than attending a meeting covered in dirt. It certainly won’t make you look like the professional construction manager that you want to be. So, the next time you head to the site, ask yourself an all-important question. Did I put a spare change of clothes in my bag? With the help of these tips above, you will be well on your way to maintaining a professional look on site.