Foodie leaves viewers salivating after creating “Porkshire Pieding”


A FOODIE has created a mouth-watering pulled pork pie – using a Yorkshire pudding as the base. 

Roly May has left thousands of social media users salivating after revealing his “Porkshire Pieding” on TikTok on Wednesday.

In the clip, the 43-year-old project manager is shown placing a Yorkshire pudding on a chopping board before adding in a scoop of mashed potatoes. 


The dad-of-four, from Ailsbury, Buckinghamshire, then layers in a forkful of pulled pork before adding a slice of Edam cheese

Roly then layers up the pork and cheese before coating the snack in a layer of egg wash.

He then adds a pastry top to seal in all the delicious flavours before placing it in the oven for just 14 minutes to cook.

The video then shows Roly slicing into the crispy top to reveal a gooey cheesy centre before the clip ends.

Roly's Porkshire Pudding oozes cheese when cut
Roly’s creation oozes cheese when cut open.                                                                                           Credit: Roly May

Roly posted the clip onto his TikTok page on Wednesday where it has gained over 720,000 views and over 47,000 likes.

Hundreds of impressed viewers have also commented on the post after thinking the creation looked delicious.

David Templer said: “Need to try that.”

Ollie Eats wrote: “Oh, I love that!”

Jord Andrew stated: “Oh wow, marry me.”

TikTok user Whateverpal95 wrote: “I tell you what pal. You’re onto something here.”

And the account Mad_Beef said: “Oh man this is making my stomach grumble and mouth water.”

Speaking today, Roly said: “I just had the idea and thought I would give it a go.

“My kids love pulled pork so that gave me the idea. 

“It tastes amazing, kids scoffed the lot, I got four clean plates so that tells its own story. 

“You’re really just cooking the pastry so it’s quite quick to cook.

“I use Edam because having used a lot of cheese it is the one that gives the best melt. 

“The video has had a lot of views and usually you get hate but the overwhelming majority loved it which has been quite something. 

“I think people just love dripping cheese.

“I’m going to a lasagne one next.”