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How to boost CRO with live chat solutions for business


Digital marketing has evolved into one of the biggest strategies for businesses to improve their visibility and increase sales in the online space. And talking about internet marketing, the idea of conversion rate optimization will always come up.

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When done correctly, conversion rate optimization can help your ecommerce business convert visitors or prospects into buying customers. Find out how you can boost your CRO with live chat solutions for businesses in this article.

Are live chat solutions suitable for every business?

Although live chats have several advantages, it is not for every business. So, how do you identify that live chats are good for your business?

Live chat is ideal for your business if;

  • You are running an ecommerce shop and look to improve your customer service and boost sales.
  • You are looking for other ways to collect valuable data and user insights.
  •  You are ready to invest your resources and time to manage your live chat services.

Managing a live chat service can be a demanding task; hence you should understand how to go about it if you need to see positive results with your digital marketing campaigns. Having said that, here are some advantages of live chats to your business.

  • Utmost convenience to potential clients.
  •  Increase sales.
  • Cuts down on expenses by over 50%.
  • Reduces cart abandonment rates.
  • Gives you a competitive advantage over other businesses.
  • It allows you to get customers’ pain points and recognize areas that need improvement.

Let’s get into how you can leverage live chat for business to drive more sales in the following section.

  1.     Provide customized product recommendations.

Without a doubt, customers need personalized and relevant content from ecommerce shops. As a matter of fact, 75% of customers have a high chance of purchasing when they are provided with appropriate and customized products.

Personalized recommendations have already gained ground in ecommerce email marketing, so it is high time for businesses to integrate it in their live chat too. The best thing about live chat is that you interact with business agents in real-time.

  1.     Identify customer pain points.

Once a visitor has taken a step to interact with you via live chat, you already know they are looking for answers to a specific need. By engaging and asking them about their concerns, you can identify their pain points to help you provide appropriate feedback and close deals in a good way.

Live chats feature an interactive nature that makes it easier and possible for you to gather high-quality insights and data for improved customer services. For example, if your visitors keep asking how products work, you need to have a clearer product description, which may include an explainer video.

Identifying your customers’ pain points will probably help you make more sales.

  1.     Make your greetings based on customers’ behavior.

Engaging your visitors requires relevance and timing. Providing the relevant message at the right time is highly likely to boost your conversion rates. As with lead capture forms, you also need to customize your live chat boxes to be visible on various pages with personalized messages depending on the pages they frequently visit.

  1.     Streamline objections at the checkout pages.

The checkout page is one of the significant pages on your website. And to enable them to complete their purchase quickly, you need to optimize the checkout process and allow them to overcome obstacles that can prevent them from reaching the confirmation stage.

You might assume that you have a great checkout process because you might make sales and get revenues. However, to get a clear picture of how your checkout process is performing, you should observe your abandonment rates.

And in most cases, you need to take your employees through training to better understand the changes in the marketing landscape. This might involve having to take online test exams at the end of each training session to gauge their understanding and adaptability. 


Businesses should learn better ways to increase conversion rates and sales using customer service support tools like live chat. The main reason for this is to gain enough insights into visitors’ concerns, offering relevant support and feedback, and using the same channel to boost sales.

As you know, conversion rate optimization is necessary for surviving the fierce competition in an ecommerce environment. Hopefully, this article has enlightened you on how to get more visibility and boost sales using live chat solutions for business.