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Amir Dayan’s Lianeo Extended a 1,800m² Lease in Berlin


The COVID-19 continues to become a hindrance to the economic health of the world. Fortunately, some industries continue to strive despite the pandemic. One of the companies that remain strong is Lianeo Real Estate, a German real-estate company. It has successfully closed another deal in Potsdamer Strasse in Berlin.

Photo by Stefan Widua on Unsplash

Lianeo Real Estate has proved to be successful amidst the crisis. In the past few months, it also closed deals in other areas such as Frankfurt, Eschborn, Düsseldorf, and Hanover. Recently Amir Dayan’s Lianeo signed a lease extension for 1,800 square meters with a non-profit provider in Potsdamer Strasse. The signed contract is for a period of ten years.

The undisclosed company which Lianeo has signed with is a non-profit provider of several facilities in Berlin. This indicates that Potsdamer Strasse in Berlin’s Schöneberg district has attracted businesses because of its attractive locations.

In fact, it is a good strategy for Lianeo Real Estate to close a deal in Berlin, especially in Potsdamer Strasser. It is one of the most attractive and liveliest locations in Germany. Before, it was a place famous for national museums and theatre alone. Now, it has developed into a location of new art galleries, restaurants, cafes, and avant-garde fashion stores. This district, located in the vicinity of Potsdamer Platz, has become a bustling street.

In addition, it is located in the vicinity of Potsdamer Platz, a famous public square in the center of Berlin City. It is where Sony Centre, residential buildings, reconstruction buildings, and entertainment are located.

Moreover, many foreigners and shoppers visit this area due to being an entertainment district. It houses bars, restaurants, cafes, theatres, cinemas, casinos, and hotels. Therefore, it is one of the most bustling areas in Berlin where various industries flourish.

For this reason, it is most likely for Potsdamer Strasse to continue to thrive because of the location. This is good news for Lianeo Real Estate since it has closed another successful contract in one of its main headquarters, Berlin. This means more opportunities for the company in the coming future. It also indicates that the economy of Berlin will continue to prosper.

Lianeo Real Estate has its primary operations all over Germany. It specializes in commercial leasing and property management, making it a leading and well-known real estate in the country.  It operates in the main cities of Germany – Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Hannover.

Lianeo Real Estate’s strength lies in focusing on property, construction, facility, leasing, and asset management. After all, these industries are becoming stronger despite the world pandemic. They also own and manage 38 properties throughout Germany.

Aside from its wide-scale operations and assets, Lianeo also contributes to its success by focusing its vision on diversity, language, and culture. In this way, they could build healthy business relationships and grow them into more immense opportunities in the future. Furthermore, they allow cross-continental deals to be more convenient and accessible, especially in this pandemic.

Another reason for Lianeo Real Estate is successful is due to its well-known owner and investor, Amir Dayan. Born from a prominent family engaging successfully in many businesses. Amir Dayan operates his real estate development for over a decade now in Europe, namely, The Netherland, The UK, and Germany. The reason is that these areas are stable economically wise. He continues to make these locations even more prosperous by supporting Lianeo’s vision in focusing on diversity, multi-culture for long-term success and sustainability.