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Shocking images show “starved” hounds at Scottish hunt

AN anti-hunt protester has captured shocking images of “starved” dogs with severely prominent bones attending a Scottish hunt.

Kate Louise Powell took several distressing photographs of at least four dogs with The Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Hunt group on Saturday. 

Images show the dogs looking underweight with their rib cages on show as they attended the fox hunt with their owners.

The dogs were visibly skinny
The dogs used at the hunt appeared to be malnourished.                                                  Credit: Twitter/KateLouisePowell

Another horrific image shows a mounted horse that appears to have cuts on both front legs.

Freelance artist Kate shared her pictures in a post to Twitter on Saturday to highlight the condition of the dogs.

She said: “We sabbed the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire hunt today.

“There were no confirmed fox kills but LOOK at the absolute state of the hounds. 

“I feel broken not being able to help them, knowing they’ll most likely be killed after a few seasons (or sooner).

“More victims of human bloodlust.” 

The dogs looked underfed
The dogs are used to draw foxes out into the open.                                                          Credit: Twitter/KateLouisePowell

Kate’s post has attracted over 1,500 likes and 700 re-tweets, with many animal lovers leaving comments after being shocked by the images.

Tagging the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA), Twitter user @Millmountgirl said: “@SSPCA if these were dogs in a domestic setting surely you would intervene.

“So what’s the difference? Their suffering and neglect is the same. It’s time these people were prosecuted.”

@louisestewartls wrote: “I thought fox hunting was banned under Wild Mammals Protection Act 2002….hunting mammals with dogs for sport is supposed to be banned time for that legislation to be upheld.”

@Petbunny4 added: “Kept at starvation levels – so they have to catch the prey to eat.”

@ali_jermy wrote: “Oh my, this is beyond heartbreaking, surely there must be something that can be done, they look starved.”

@dmacmillian334 said: “The state of those hounds is disgusting. They are being starved to make them really hunt the fox so they get something to eat.”

@Grahamc75 added: “Struggling to think of something to say about doing to these people that wouldn’t get me banned from Twitter.” 

Fox hunting is illegal in England, Scotland and Wales, however it is still legal in Northern Ireland. 

The Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 was supposed to put an end to the barbaric practice. 

However, exceptions remain in place that allow the use of hounds to “flush” foxes into the open.

They will then be shot dead by a “foot pack” of huntsmen accompanied by beaters.

Concerned animal lovers contacted the SSPCA after seeing the images of the dogs.

Scottish SPCA inspector Jennifer Connolly today said: “We can confirm that we received calls from members of the public who had seen the images of the hounds on social media and were concerned about the condition of the animals.

“If anyone saw the hounds that day and can provide an eyewitness report, or has any first-hand information, please call our animal helpline on 03000 999 999 in confidence.”

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