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What Makes SharePoint the Best Software for the HR Department?


Those who have subscribed to Office 365 would be aware of Microsoft SharePoint. However, if you were aware of it and using it for various business processes, you would be making the most of the benefits offered by it. In case, you were not using it, you would better begin using it lest you want to miss the benefits offered by Office 365.

Photo by fauxels from Pexels
Photo by fauxels from Pexels

If you wonder why rest assured it is the best collaboration tool made available in the market presently.

The SharePoint HR system has been a closed-based solution that could assist you in creating a digital workplace where all kinds of data could be accessed easily from your device. The HR department could use SharePoint, as it caters to you various capabilities for employee engagement and document management. It enables the HR department to include automation in their respective business processes. It would also enable them to create team websites suitable for their specific requirements.

If you were still skeptical about using SharePoint as a suitable HR management solution, find below a few essential reasons why you should not delay it further.

  1. A suitable collaboration tool

Communication and collaboration have been essential aspects for the growth of your business. Partnerships become of great importance when companies expand. To form partnerships, companies would require an efficient collaboration tool rather than a basic shared server. SharePoint HR solutions would cater to your specific needs in the best possible way.

It enables the HR team to manage the on-boarding and off-boarding process efficiently. It enables them to assign various tasks to different departments involved in the process. On assigning the tasks, the platform would send an email to the concerned departments automatically. The concerned departments would confirm and make it easier for the HR department to stay updated and complete the vital processes.

  1. Managing essential documents

Handling employee documents would be yet another aspect of the HR department’s job description. It would be inclusive of managing contracts, resumes, statuary, appraisal, and on-boarding procedure documents. Searching and managing through paperwork could be a significant problem for the HR department and would result in inefficiency. The unmatched document management capabilities of the cloud-based HRMS SharePoint along with unlimited storage enable the users to store all received documents. It enables the HR team to search for a single document from hundreds of documents using the built-in meta-data with word files.

  1. The Office 365 compatibility

A suitable HRMS would work efficiently independently. It would also integrate with other available software used by the company. It would integrate easily with various applications of Office 365. It enables SharePoint to add information to Word, Outlook, and other various Office 365 applications automatically.

  1. Security and privacy

It enables HR to handle various kinds of personal and sensitive information of its employees. The cloud-based SharePoint platform has been secured to enable the HR team for storing the files of the employees without worrying about unauthorized access to sensitive information. It would also enable you to set up alerts for unauthorized and authorized access to sensitive data. Consider setting the privacy of the document adhering to their company policy. It enables you to create a group and enable them to view the files or assign visibility based on the position of the employee.

  1. Ease of access

SharePoint stands out with its ease of access. The HR team along with the employee could access their files on any device. They would not need a loaded computer, as the data could be accessed from their laptops, tablets, mobile devices, and more. The feature would enable the management and the employees to work from any suitable or comfortable location. Employees could access their files instantly when uploaded on the platform. If you were in a hurry, the feature would be invaluable.