XYZ Reality expands and launches The Atom into construction industry


AN AUGMENTED reality company has announced its plans for global expansion and revealed its latest ground-breaking device.

XYZ Reality, headquartered in London, is on track for 300% growth over the next year, as it expands to make its products available across the world.

Building on the success of Holosite, the first engineering grade augmented reality platform, the company has unveiled The Atom: its next generation headset.

The Atom brings augmented reality to the construction site - Business News
XYZ Reality’s augmented reality technology is built into a hard hat.

Augmented reality (AR) displays allow extra information to be displayed onto the surrounding environment.

Tailored to the construction sector, The Atom shows Building Information Modelling (BIM) to the onsite wearer, aligning hologram designs with the real location.

Using this technology not only helps to make the entire construction process safer and more efficient, it also reduces waste.

XYZ Reality Founder and CEO, David Mitchell, said: “Technology is transforming the way the construction industry operates, enabling contractors to deliver higher-quality more efficiently.

“Since inception, we have seen a greater understanding of the potential of AR to achieve better outcomes and improve margins.

“This commercial launch is a definitive proof point of our product’s value and the substantial appetite for it across the industry, particularly on mission critical projects where the highest levels of accuracy are required.”

Part of the company’s expansion will involve the establishment of a US headquarters, brining the technology to a new audience.

The Atom brings augmented reality to the construction site - Business News
The Atom headset allows constructors to see holograms of designs in their intended location.

Mr Mitchell added: “Our entry into North America was spearheaded by current partners who are bringing us to the all-important territory.

“The market presents an exciting growth opportunity and is now supported with ‘The Atom’, which has been designed to show just how easy it is to work with our technology on-site.”

XYZ Reality has already collaborated on multiple projects, including with some of the biggest names in the construction sector.

Their technology has supported construction projects ranging from data centres to airports.

Coral Butler from PM Group, an early-adopter of XYZ Reality’s HoloSite technology, said: “We’ve been working with XYZ Reality since the beginning and have already been impressed with how their powerful AR technology has been able to significantly increase efficiency and improve quality across multiple mission critical projects.

“The Atom has taken it to the next level. What’s so important is that The Atom has been developed by construction for construction.

“David and the team have an acute understanding about the challenges and pressures on-site and the frustrations presented by the validation process.

“This engineering tool is essential for project management, one which delivers benefits from planner through to asset owner.”