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The Best VPN Services Tested for Speed, Reliability, and Privacy

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A Virtual Private Network or is an encrypted connection from your device to a remote server. In today’s world, when you work with sensitive data that needs to be securely protected, you need to use an encrypted tunnel.

Photo by Kevin Paster from Pexels
Photo by Kevin Paster from Pexels

Commercial VPN services provide an encrypted tunnel for internet traffic, sending it through their network infrastructure to hide your location and data.

Data from the website of Statista reports that in 2027 the global VPN market will reach 75.59 billion US dollars. VPNs are designed to securely extend a network from a private location, such as an office or home, across a public network, as if the network were directly connected. VPNs are popular with consumers because they hide their actual location, whether accessing geo-blocked services or bypassing censorship or other restrictions.

It can prevent your activity from being tracked through your local network or ISP. You can also virtually move to another country, which is especially handy if you want to watch streaming services unavailable in your country.

What’s the best VPN service in 2021?

There are a lot of VPN services. Each offers its own set of functions and features, different tariff plans, and more. To choose the one that suits you, you should pay attention to the specifics of your work. This article will look at the strengths and weaknesses of some of the most popular VPN services used by the best custom software development companies in 2021.


It is perhaps one of the most popular VPN services. It has a proven track record for fast and reliable streaming.

It is also one of the most trusted services for international video streaming enthusiasts, providing, among other things, access to regionally restricted US content from Netflix and Disney +, as well as iPlayer in the UK.

If you need a fast VPN to switch regions and operate on a limited local network, NordVPN is the fastest universal VPN provider.


One of the competitive advantages of this VPN service is consistently good speeds and excellent streaming performance combined with competitive subscription offerings.

While Surfshark does not have a transparency document, it does have several privacy-focused features. These include multi-user VPN connections that attempt to hide your origin by routing through two different end countries, default VPN obfuscation designed to bypass national firewalls, and security-checked browser plug-ins.


The highlight of this service is unlimited bandwidth and extensive customer support for free with improved download performance.

Swiss ProtonVPN is well known for its unlimited free VPN.

ProtonVPN offers too many subscription levels. The BASIC option seems attractive due to its price; however, it does not provide access to the high-speed, streaming, and remote SecureCore ProtonVPN endpoints. The Visionary tier is mainly for people who want to support what the company is doing with its privacy-focused services.

Forbes confirms this in his article describing that although ProtonVPN offers a free version of its VPN service, it is in no way comparable to its paid version. It is because it does not provide the best speed, and users will not access most of the company’s security features, such as the ad blocker and all of its servers.


While ExpressVPN is not consistently ranked among the fastest VPN providers, ExpressVPN’s performance is always strong, with reliably high HTTP download speeds over endpoints in the UK, the Netherlands, and the US. ExpressVPN consistently delivers seamless, undetectable streaming of region-blocked Netflix and Disney + content in the US, although it had issues with iPlayer in the UK in our recent tests.

When it comes to performance, features, and security, ExpressVPN is an exceptionally high-quality VPN provider. However, it is significantly more expensive than most of its competitors, with a £ 75 annual subscription fee of around £ 6.25 a month.

Private Internet Access

Historically, the PIA has not prioritized changing regions for video streaming services, but now it changed. That all changed when it turned out to introduce dedicated endpoints for streaming video content.

PIA is based in the US, does not keep journals. PIA is based in the US and provides anonymous payment options. Thanks to this, you can get good service on a tight budget. However, his performance hasn’t been inspiring for months.

Pros: low subscription cost; logging policy proven in court; high transfer rates; streaming video finally works

Cons: relatively low speeds in the US.

Are there VPN restrictions?

Companies like Netflix and the BBC often try to block VPN endpoint addresses, so only a few VPNs serve the region bias for video streaming.

Recently, services including Netflix allowed some suspected VPN users to connect to any of their regional sites but only show them their local directory.

On a desktop computer, you can easily browse the Internet using a VPN connection. Sometimes the connection may drop, but all you have to do in this case is reconnect.

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