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Vet shocked after local brings in same injured fox twice

A VET couldn’t believe his eyes when a local turned up with the same injured fox on two separate occasions after finding it lying on the side of the road.

Tom Linsel was shocked when the local man arrived with an injured fox at the South Essex Wildlife Hospital in the early hours of this morning.

The fox arrived with a shaved patch on its leg and Tom quickly noticed that it was the same fox that was brought in just four weeks earlier.

The vet with the fox
Tom with the fox.

Amazingly, Tom then realised the man who brought the fox in was also the same local who rescued the animal just weeks before.

Speaking today, Sue Schwal, manager at the wildlife hospital said: “We were dragged out of bed this morning.

“He looked exactly like the guy who handed in the fox the first time, about four weeks ago.

“Ten minutes later, the fox is being looked at and it’s noticed that it has a shaved bit on its leg where the cannula would have been the first time. 

“The fox has now been sedated and has been x rayed. 

“It has been given pain relief and is being treated for a fractured canine tooth.

“The guy won’t know he’s brought in the [same] fox.

“It is one massive coincidence that it was the same driver and the same fox, let alone just the same fox coming in within a few weeks. 

“Thanks to the good person who did bring it in, twice, the animal has got a good chance.”

South Essex Wildlife Hospital posted about the coincidental incident this morning, writing: “You couldn’t make this up.

“A few weeks ago, late at night, we were in bed when a call comes in from a nice chap who is outside the gate with a fox he has found that has been run over.

The fox
The fox sedated for a second time.

“Tom attends to it, nothing broken and after a full recovery from concussion and a few bruises the fox is eventually released. 

“The same chap has just turned up at the gate again, coming home from work, same story, he’s at the gate with a fox that he has found that has been run over. 

“The fox is sedated and examined, Tom immediately sees its leg has been shaved where a cannula would have been placed.

“It’s the same fox.

“He has a fractured canine tooth which will need to be removed and is about to be x-rayed.  

“We are wondering if it was the same person who ran it over twice.”

The post had received over 450 likes and dozens of comments from amazed social media users.

Debra Brown said: “That’s incredible. 

“Mr Fox has been very lucky that the same man was there to get him help.”

Sheena Tait commented: “Well let’s just hope we aren’t reading this story again in a few weeks.

“Need to fit the fox with a safety vest.

“Thank you for all you do, even when you have a repeat patient.”

Raymond Dickson wrote: “Not sure if the fox is lucky or unlucky.

“Lucky to have such wonderful people to help I guess.”

Sarah Read added: “Lucky the man is caring enough to bring the fox in. 

“Either this fox has incredibly bad luck or needed a bed and it’s tooth sorted.

“You all do a wonderful job.”

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