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Abused dog who had never been outside before looking for forever home

AN ABUSED dog who had never been outside before is looking for a forever home. 

Sixteen-month-old Bruce was born during lockdown last year and had never even been out in the garden or given a collar by his previous owners.

The Shar Pei Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix was petrified of people and loud noises when he was rescued by Underheugh Ark Rescue in Inverclyde in October.

Bruce the dog had never been outside
Bruce the dog had never been outside before he arrived at the rescue centre.                                Credit: Underheugh Ark

Stef Robb, founder of the centre, said Bruce “hated life” at his old home following his treatment there.

The charity are now looking for someone who has experience with dogs like Bruce to initially visit him at the kennels before looking to take him home when he is ready.

Speaking today, Stef said: “He really hated life, he arrived with his sisters and he has come on since then but is still sceptical

“Bruce is very nervous of people, he has not socialised with other dogs and has never worn a collar. 

“There’s no one to one like there would be in a home so it is much slower in improving him. 

“He has never socialised with other dogs which is why he needs to be the only pet in the home.

“We are trying for a foster placement but it is a massive job and we want the correct person who is very experienced and very confident with dogs.

“There are a lot of dogs who are much easier than Bruce but he is special.”

Bruce the dog was 'tired of life'
Bruce has been described as ‘special’ by the Underheugh Ark.                                                      Credit: Underheugh Ark

The centre also posted an appeal for potential new owners on Facebook last night, writing: “Hello from young Bruce who’s coming on slowly but surely.

“He came to us along with his two sisters and he had never been outside and was terrified of life.

“He is becoming more confident but he still has a long way to go, he’s terrified still of loud noises, cars and anything unfamiliar to him but with time and patience this will come.

“We are tentatively asking for anyone with the time and patience to get to know Bruce while he is in kennels and work towards taking him home when he is ready.

“He will need an adult only, pet-free home and someone with experience and time to build up a bond with him.

“If you think this could be you please contact us.”

The post received over 360 likes and dozens of comments from animal lovers who wished the best for Bruce.

Agnes Campbell Pope said: “Never been outside? Poor boy!

“If I didn’t have my old cat, I would have loved to have him.”

Liz De Federico said: “He’s so lovely, hopefully he finds a forever home.”

Eileen Mary said: “What a beautiful boy. I hope he finds a loving, forever home.”

Simone Muir said: “Aw look at his poor wee face. He’ll be the best boy ever in his new home.”

It has been reported that over three million pets were bought over lockdown last year.

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