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How can you migrate from Woocommerce to Shopify?


It’s astonishing how far we have come in terms of digitalization, from a call to shopping online. With each passing day, we see more interest in shopping online especially in these days of Corona. Thanks to these advancements you get to experience just like shopping at a shop. Among many competing platforms that provide eCommerce services, the two of them are quite distinguishable.   

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In the world of eCommerce, WooCommerce provides 27-28% of services while Shopify is contributing 22%. Shopify got a lot more attention in 2020 and is appearing as a powerful rival. Their diligence and incredible services are attracting people from other platforms and switching to Shopify.

If you are running your store on Woocommerce and this platform is not working for you or want to change, well joining Shopify will be one of the best options available. However, if you want to switch you might have to go under a few steps.

Well, don’t worry we are here to guide you so you can transfer wooCommerce to shopify.   

Step 1. Export your data from WooCommerce

We will need something like a bridge that can export data from one to another platform. Before converting make sure that you have specified the data which you want to convert. We can use cart2cart to upload that data on WordPress which will act as the bridge.

Following that you have to download that file that has been exported. That file will be used to import that data to Shopify so the process is easy and less time-consuming.

  1. Go to WooCommerce store, select TOOLS and then click on EXPORT
  2. Select data from what you have exported
  3. Download the file

Step 2. Connect your Shopify store

You have to go through a few sub-steps to proceed further

  1. You have to provide the destination URL of Shopify where you are going to migrate
  2. For using Shopify, you have to install the Cart2Cart extension which will lead you to the next step
  3. In Shopify, you are advised to make a migration setup
  4. The downloaded file in step one is uploaded by clicking on “adding”
  5. In the ending sub-step import this downloaded file

Step 3. Review the data

Shopify provides you a facility to review the data you have imported once data importing is complete. The admins at Shopify provide you with all the data, but if

  1. Shopify permits to add data manually in case if some of the data fail to be imported. In that step make sure you have all of the data.
  2. You can add a product in case if it is missing or the customer

There is the possibility that you might face some cases when you are shifting

  • Import with changes

Shopify will give you a whole summary of data so you can ensure all of your data has been imported. In case of any change, you are allowed to edit it or even can manually change them so they can make expectations.

  • Some products won’t import

You are given a button “add a product” in case products are not uploaded and can import that product.

Digital products problem

In an online business if someone cannot see your work, how he/she will buy it. Sometimes products are imported but they are not shown online. However, this whole situation can be handled by using Cart2Cart.

Step4.  Enjoy your Shopify store

Once you are gone through all these steps, now you are free to migrate to Shopify. We can use the free version of cart2cart2 and keep buying from Shopify.

How can Cart2Cart be the best choice for your migration process?

Although you are given choice but going for Cart2Cart to migrate from WooCommerce to Shopify, can be helpful in many ways

  1. User friendly

Ecommerce is almost all about computers, including complex coding and programming. However, this is  100% and includes non-technical  Not only it is efficient but gives wide access which gives the user a great experience.

  1. 24/7 support

In this era, if you are not fast enough you will be left behind. If some problem arises while using, this customer help will always be available, at any time. We have got an experienced professional team which helps and resolves all queries given.

  1. Industry leaders’ choice

Due to its magnificent progress and other skill, Cart2Cart is chosen. That’s why industry leaders recommend or refer to someone who can buy it.