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How important is it to keep our rugs always clean?


Most people don’t know the danger that a rug used for long periods without proper sanitation hides. Whether because of the color it ends up hiding, or the type of fabric or fur, the rug does not receive proper attention and can go months or even years without proper cleaning. That’s why many companies hire a professional carpet cleaning company in regular basis.

Photo by Rodrigo Souza from Pexels
Photo by Rodrigo Souza from Pexels

Why is it a danger to live with a dirty carpet in your house?

Today we live amidst a lot of pollution; we are exposed to several types of viruses, COVID-19, and H1N1 among many others since the list is quite long. But you might be wondering what the harmless rug has to do with these illnesses, keep reading this article until the end and let’s find out together.

The rug is that decorative object that brings that special touch to our home, that refinement and comfort that we dream of so much, it is present in almost every room, in addition to being widely used in the continuous version, the carpet, in offices and businesses of all kinds. Its use has been around since people understand each other, and besides being useful, it is also beautiful and elegant. In winter, then, there’s nothing better than having somewhere very warm to comfort our feet, isn’t it?

But have you ever stopped to think about how much dirt that beautiful rug can accumulate? The dirt of the day that is brought by the wind, added to the dirt that comes from our feet or shoes, food crumbs, pet hair, pee, traces of pet feces… The list is long, the microscopic analysis of the microorganisms that live in the rugs is disgusting, and that warm environment due to the fabric and full of food since there are several things accumulated on the rug, it’s a full plate for them to proliferate and take care of your rug.

Then they start to give off odors, after all bacteria bring a bad smell, and you think that just throwing that famous supermarket shelf cleaner does it, but unfortunately not, the humidity of non-professional, bacteriostatic and bactericidal products ends up making the environment of these microorganisms even more prone to proliferation.

We recommend that the professional washing of your rug or carpet should happen at least once a year, but in the ideal scenario, especially when you have children and a pet, this period should be every six months.

And so that you can maintain the cleaning of your carpet or carpet within these deadlines and keep your carpet or carpet clean and fragrant, we are going to give you some tips on how to keep your carpet or carpet clean.

A Great Ally, the Vacuum Cleaner

The Vacuum Cleaner is an excellent ally when cleaning rugs and carpets, routine use removes dust and dirt brought by the feet. We recommend that vacuuming be done weekly, a good vacuum that removes dirt, crumbs and dust. If you can’t maintain this routine, set aside at least once a month to carefully vacuum your rug and leave it in an airy environment. The longer you do not have this cleaning routine, the more your carpet accumulates dirt, a perfect environment for the proliferation of mites, fungi, bacteria and even viruses, such as COVID 19. Frequent cleaning guarantees better quality of life and comfort.

Dry Cleaning at Home

It’s common that from time to time people feel that the rug needs more than just vacuuming. If you’ve sanitized your carpet less than six years ago and just want a deeper cleaning than vacuuming, sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on the surface of your carpet, let it sit for say hours, a tip is to do this at night, so don’t disrupts the flow of the house, and the next day carefully vacuum your carpet. Baking soda has properties that make it easy to remove dirt.

How to Remove Stains and Bad Odor

Even if you are careful and maintain a good maintenance routine for cleaning your carpet, unfortunately accidents do happen. That wine in a moment of relaxation, the baby’s juice, or even the pet’s pee can fall on your rug and then despair, what to do?

The first step is to be calm; any attempt at scrubbing can spread the stain further and increase the size of the problem. With a paper towel, dry the affected area without movement, then lightly press a generous amount of paper towel into the area and absorb as much of the spilled liquid as possible. Repeat the process until the paper comes out dry. With the situation under control, isolate the area and hire a company specialized in effective carpet cleaning.

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