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Naughty pup caught raiding bin after getting lid stuck around neck

A NAUGHTY pup was caught out after raiding a bin at home – because he got the lid stuck around his neck.

Labrador Shelby took the opportunity to have a raid through the rubbish yesterday while his family were busy getting ready for work and school. 

The nine-month-old pup managed to go unnoticed at first but was quickly outed by his new accessory – part of the bin still draped around his neck.


Owner Suzie Bithell, from Dukinfield, Greater Manchester, came downstairs after hearing noise coming from the kitchen.

The 35-year-old decorator came downstairs and found Shelby hiding in his crate after realising he was about to be caught for his mischievous antics.

Suzie captured a hilarious photo and video of Shelby looking sheepish with the grey and green bin hanging off him.

The mum-of-three posted the image on Facebook yesterday, writing: “Go upstairs to brush my teeth and get dressed…

“Come back down and he’s took himself to bed because he knows he’s been naughty. 

“Literally in the bin.”

Shelby the Labrador
Shelby got the bin lid stuck on his head while going through the rubbish.                                             Credit: Suzie Bithell

The post has received over 1,500 likes and hundreds of comments from amused dog owners.

Sue Glover said: “That is so funny. His facial expressions are brilliant. Awww, give him some cuddles. Lovely Shelby.”

Stacey Jones said: “So funny. Typical lab, they love to forage in the bin.

“Love the ‘it wasn’t me’ look on his face with the bin lid around his neck. I do think these dogs are half human.”

Karen Zeslawski said: “This is so funny, got to love them.”

Diane Ford said: “Absolutely brilliant, bless him.”

Sharon Dawson said: “Aww that’s brilliant no hiding the evidence.”

Doreen Chilton said: “That’s hilarious. That guilty face.”

Speaking today, Suzie said: “I was getting my little boy ready for school and he was getting distracted with Shelby as usual.

“They were playing together so I told him to come upstairs and Shelby went quiet.

“I was upstairs getting ready and I assumed my son had put him in his crate as he hadn’t followed him upstairs.

“I heard a little noise but wasn’t sure if it was from downstairs or next door. 

“I came down to see Shelby already sitting in his bed with the bin lid over his head.

“Rubbish all over my kitchen floor with the bin tipped over. 

Suzie added: “This isn’t unusual for Shelby doing things like this but this time he couldn’t even try to deny it with the lid over his head.

“He will usually try to creep a little, you will ask him what he’s done and he will do the walk of shame to his bed because he knows but this time he was already sat there.

“He tried creeping afterwards when we took it off. 

“Which wasn’t easy because he tried to help me help him and got his paw stuck through it as well.” 

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