Shocking video shows woman spitting on teen before shouting “go back to your own country”


A SHOCKING video shows a vile woman spitting on a Scots teen before telling her to “go back to her own country”. 

Yanice Wood was disgusted after the woman then said “you have AIDS now” following the attack at Muirhouse in Edinburgh last week.

Footage shows the woman, wearing a green jacket and carrying two Farmfoods bags, walking in front of Yanice before turning around and spitting at the 19-year-old.

A large spraying of saliva can be seen coming from the middle-aged woman’s mouth and in the direction of Yanice.

The camera then turns to show a large wet patch of spit on the front of the nursery teacher’s pink jacket

At this point the woman storms off before the two begin shouting at each other.

The woman can be heard saying: “Away you go you f*****g specky c**t.

“Because I’ve got cancer in the mouth you silly cow.

“Away you go back to your own country. 

The spit on Yanice's jacket
The spit landed on the right hand side of Yanice’s jacket.

“You have AIDS now.” 

Yanice, from Edinburgh, says: “Ew get your f*****g black teeth out my f*****g face. 

“What the f**k?

“F*****g b***h. I got that on video you f*****g ugly c**t. 

“She f*****g spat on me.” 

Yanice’s friend can then be heard saying: “You f*****g racist b***h. Racist b***h.

“Shut up you fat b***h, go to the gym.

The woman who spat on Yanice
The three were locked in a heated exchange in Muirhouse, Edinburgh.

“She’s got AIDS and she’s just spat on you.

“She just said ‘you’ve got AIDS now you f*****g b***h’.

“She literally just said that.”

Speaking today Yanice said: “The lady stated before getting on a bus she would pull my hair out if I looked at her again. 

“I ignored her then we got off at the same stop as each other where she began to scream in my face. 

“I told her to get away from me which resulted in her spitting on me. 

“Then when she was walking away she was screaming ‘go back to your own country’.

“I was shocked and disgusted.

“I felt very uneasy as this lady stood and screamed in my face and felt absolutely disgusted once she spat on me.” 

Yanice said she reported the incident to Police Scotland.