Scots councillor shares photo of his depressing-looking “minimalist” tree


A SCOTS councillor has shared a hilarious photo of his depressing-looking “minimalist” Christmas tree.

John Ross Scott put his Christmas tree up yesterday but was surprised at how un-festive it looked.

The Orkney Islands councillor even wrapped lights around the 6ft artificial tree but they didn’t seem to make much difference.

John's Christmas tree
John shared his rather sad looking tree on social media.                                                  Credit: Facebook/John Ross Scott

John, a member of the Scottish Greens, shared a photograph of his new living room addition onto Facebook shortly after to ask his followers for their opinion.

His image shows the lit-up tree with dozens of tree branches spaced around but still featuring loads of huge gaps.

The bottom of the tree appears particularly bad, with the top of the tree being the bushiest.

Social media users were amused at the tragic looking tree, with one woman joking that she wishes she was as slim as it.

Councillor John Ross Scott
Councillor John Ross Scott represents the community in Orkney.                                     Credit: Facebook/John Ross Scott

Posting on Facebook yesterday, John said: “Struggle over… but my new LED Christmas tree doesn’t look much like a tree at all, does it?”

Dozens of followers commented on the post to poke fun at the limp-looking tree. 

Alan Bews said: “That’s even worse than the Trafalgar Square one, have you fallen out with Norway too?”

Jimmy Johnston said: “I think that tree needs a trip to the tree surgery. I believe there is one up at Hatston lol.”

Alan Scott said: “Minimalistic.” 

Garry Peace said: “It’ll look more like a Christmas tree in the corner of the room and not in front of a door.”

Katharyn Coghill joked: “Bit of tinsel and baubles to hide the gaps and you’ll never know.”

Ally Thomson said: “Ah, you’ll have to floof out those branches a bit yet, a couple of bits of tinsel and she’s a good un.”

This isn’t the first time that shoppers have been disappointed after buying Christmas trees online this year.

Paulette Alexander, from Weymouth, Dorset, was gutted after ordering a 6ft self assembling tree from online website Uakie after being reeled in by a Facebook advert.

The 49-year-old paid £30 for the “fabulous” looking tree but was sent a single tree branch instead.