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Top StoriesBoxing fans speculate that Tyson Fury was behind brother Tommy's broken rib

Boxing fans speculate that Tyson Fury was behind brother Tommy’s broken rib

BOXING fans have speculated that Tyson Fury caused brother Tommy’s broken rib which contributed to his fight with Jake Paul being cancelled.

Tommy Fury announced yesterday that he would be pulling out of his highly anticipated fight with the YouTuber due to a broken rib and a bacterial infection

Heavyweight Champion Tyson was snapped last month slamming a medicine ball onto 22-year-old Tommy’s ribs repeatedly, while he lies on the floor.

During a recent interview two weeks ago, Tyson, 33, claimed he broke “a couple” of Tommy’s ribs during training.

Now fans have theorised that Tyson’s gruelling training regime may have contributed to the pay-per-view fight being cancelled.

In an interview with sports journalist Dev Sahni, Tyson is asked: “How on earth are your ribs?

“We have all seen the video, I know you wanted one broken – is it broken?

Tyson interview
Tyson Fury, 33.

“I hope you’re not going to do that to Tommy?”

Tyson replies: “I think so, yeah. 

“I have actually fractured it.

“But you can’t do anything for it, so it’s just painful, that’s all.”

“I think we have already done it to Tommy.

“Tommy has actually got a couple of broken ribs down one side.

“So yeah, it put him out of action for a minute or two.”

Dev replies: “Let’s hope that’s false.”

Tommy yesterday revealed that he has a clean break in one rib and has multiple fractures.

Tyson training with Tommy
Tyson training Tommy’s ribs with the medicine ball.

He shared an image of his medical records on Instagram which showed an x-ray of his broken ribs and information about a bacterial chest infection.

After hearing the news, fans immediately began linking the training video to Tommy’s broken rib, although he said that it was broken in a sparring session. 

Hundreds of Twitter users have now shared the intense workout video, speculating that Tyson may have been behind the fracture.

@KristoferBRose said: “Tommy pulled out due to a broken rib. 

“Wonder what could have caused that.”

@Lukeee_16 said: “Just seen that one of the reasons Tommy Fury has pulled out of the fight is a broken rib.

“Anyone got a clue how he’s done it?”

@gemmalsomers said: “When Tommy Fury pulls out due to a chest infection and broken rib and you see these from Tyson Fury.

Tyson training with Tommy
Tyson training Tommy’s ribs with the medicine ball.

“Tommy is a good looking lad, but Tyson is the fighter, he’s got the strength and stamina.

“Doubt he’d pull out for the same reasons.”

@MasihBlissful added: “The Fury family said he can still beat Jake Paul even with a broken rib.

“It’s on video.”

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