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How to use the right eye cream for you


If you have dark circles or bags under your eyes, the cause could be a number of different reasons. One of the most common causes is a lack of sleep, so it’s worth taking a look at your sleeping patterns and trying to get at least the recommended 7 hours of sleep every night. When it comes to getting rid of those dark circles, there are many different creams and lotions on the market that could help. The key is to find the right one for you, so check out the tips we’ve put together to help you choose the right skin cream for you. If you want to save money, you’re also in the right place because you can enjoy great savings simply by using this Look Fantastic discount code by BravoVoucher when you shop online.

Consider your skin type

There are several types of eye creams available for various purposes. Some of them focus on anti-aging while others are aimed at eliminating those dark circles. The skin under our eyes is particularly sensitive and delicate so if you suffer from any allergies, you’ll want to take particular attention when choosing an eye cream. Check the list of ingredients before you make your decision to be sure to avoid any unwanted allergic reactions. If you have particularly dry or sensitive skin, there is also a range of eye creams suitable for you, and these are usually fragrance-free.

Key ingredients

If you want to reduce the appearance of dark circles or bags under your eyes, then it’s essential to choose one of the products that contain specific ingredients to treat this problem. The most common include:

  • Vitamin C, which can help to brighten uneven skin tones and could have a positive effect on your dark circles.
  • Caffeine and stevia extract are often used to combat the puffiness under the eye, and to reduce the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles.
  • Retinoid creams can increase the natural production of collagen and therefore reduce dark skin and puffiness around the eyes.
  • Vitamin A can also be effective because it contains melanin which regulates the natural colour of your skin.
  • Hibiscus is said to increase the skin’s elasticity and contribute to hydration.

Consider alternatives

Aside from creams, there are also other alternative remedies for your eyes that some people believe can reduce or eliminate dark circles. For example, using a cold compress or putting tea bags under your eyes is said to reduce swelling and have a positive effect on reducing the visibility of dark skin. Cucumber is also used to refresh and revive damaged skin around the eyes.

Lifestyle choices

As we’ve mentioned above, there are various different causes of dark circles and one of the key factors is sleep. There are also many other contributing factors and you can consider if any small changes to your daily routine could combat the root cause of the problem. Things like too much stress, consuming too much alcohol, smoking or dehydration can impact our health in many ways which include the outward appearance of our skin. Another important thing to consider is overexposure to sunlight. This can have a very damaging effect on the skin, including the sensitive area under your eyes so it’s a good idea to take proper precautions to avoid excessive sun exposure. Wearing a decent pair of sunglasses can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. If you want to learn more about eye health in general, including eyesight testing, then you can take a look at the helpful guidelines on the NHS website.