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How to be an Active Participant During Meetings

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No one can blame you if you dislike meetings. You’re probably not the only person who hates attending meetings. You will drag your heels as much as you can to avoid getting involved in lengthy discussions. However, being a part of these conversations is a good thing. It shows how important you are in the office. Everyone values your input, and you deserve to have that seat. Therefore, it makes sense to be an active participant. Here are some ways to stay active even if the meeting takes forever.

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Listen attentively

It doesn’t matter what the discussion is. You should listen intently. You can’t stay at the back and pretend you have no idea about what’s happening. Try your best to listen to the conversation even if you already feel bored. You will be more active in the ongoing discussion if you know what everyone is talking about.

Study the agenda

Before you enter the meeting room, you already have an idea about what the discussion will be. Make sure you study the plan and be ready to contribute something. If you don’t understand anything, research the information online. You may also ask the people who will lead the discussion.

Be ready with your presentation

You might also get asked to share your thoughts about an incoming project. Anything can happen during the meeting. You can impress everyone in the meeting room if you’re ready with a detailed presentation. You may also request your bosses to invest in a projector on a ceiling mount like those from to have a more convenient presentation. You don’t have to worry about the technical aspect of your presentation when everything you need is available in the meeting room.

Don’t react right away

You can’t control everyone in the meeting room. Some people will say the most outlandish things, but it doesn’t mean you should dismiss their ideas. Learn to listen before you react. Take your time to understand what everyone says and be more open-minded. Perhaps, their ideas are better than yours. When you react and take things personally, you won’t like where everything goes. You will feel terrible about the meeting and decide not to speak up until the end.

Be optimistic

You won’t know where the discussion will go or how long it will take. You might also feel hungry or uncomfortable because of how much time it takes for the meeting to be over. The worst part is you’re unhappy with the direction in which things are going. Try your best to stay optimistic. You can’t let anything stop you from enjoying the meeting. You will be in more meetings in the future. Maintain a positive attitude.

Hopefully, you can stay active and be on your best behavior during the meeting. There will be intense discussions that you can participate in without feeling terrible. Learn from your mistakes and do better if given a chance to join the conversation in the future. It’s also your chance to impress your bosses and potentially climb the corporate ladder.

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