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Is Forex Good for Day Trading

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Forex trading offers some of the best tradable assets in the world: currencies. Fiat currencies are highly liquid assets that aren’t difficult to trade. You should know that you can’t choose to trade just any currency in the Forex market. Rather, you have to select a currency pair in which one currency is the base currency while the other is the quote currency.

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Before entering the forex market, you must learn trends, practice different trading forms, adopt a certain style, find the right pairs to trade, and invest with the right brokerage. The recent hype of the Forex market has encouraged many people to become modern-day Forex traders. Similarly, some of the traders begin day trading while others may have concerns. In this article, we will discuss whether and how forex day trading is profitable.

Is Forex Good for Day Trading?

Before we discuss whether Forex is good for day trading, let’s learn what day trading is.

Day Trading – Exploring the Basics

The name suggests that day traders engage in trades that span over a day. They close a trade order or position it the same day they open or place it. This implies that they don’t feel the need to keep their trades open overnight. Moreover, the idea behind trading in a single day means that day traders do not wish to risk their investments and assets by leaving them subject to overnight changes and market effects. They buy during the day, hold the trade position for a relatively short period of time, and sell before the end of the day for potential profit.

How is Forex Day trading Profitable?


The Forex market is highly volatile because of the market’s liquidity. Even the slightest economic events and market trends can topple the exchange rates of even the major currency pairs. Hence, it is best for many traders to trade within the day when they are active on the platform. Leaving the trade positions open overnight carries relative risks that they may not be able to address.

Currency pairs and their exchange rates fluctuate on a daily basis. In fact, when you are active in the Forex market for trading, you will notice that the exchange rates fluctuate quite substantially without long gaps (within short periods of seconds, minutes, and hours). It is a form of low-risk trading methodology that millions of traders are familiar with and use their expertise to handle the situation.

Trade Anytime

Forex market operates 24 hours and five days a week (weekends excluded). The Forex market does not shut down or experience any major discrepancy often, making it a flexible investment market. You can trade anytime and any period of the day, whether night or day. Moreover, day trading combines the concept of trading on your own schedule with a 24-hours available market.

Furthermore, day traders often want to increase their income by investing in the global market in addition to working a typical 9-5. On the contrary, there are many professional and full-time day traders in the market as well. The overall implication is that when you can trade anytime, day trading appears to be a safe and sound option for those looking to ramp up profits but minimize risks.

Day Trading as Beginner

Know that when you are only starting as a Forex trader, trading in the active time is most viable. This means that when you are not busy with some other tasks or activities, or otherwise. Beginner traders find Forex day trading useful since it allows them to minimize losses, control their trading patterns, and buy/sell at the right time without missing out on an opportunity.

Forex offers an extensive range of options when it comes to trading multiple assets of the same category. This flexibility is beneficial to beginners who are expanding their knowledge and learning the basic concepts. Day trading with Forex helps them reap the benefits substantially while trading.


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