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Top StoriesSavvy clubber puts socks over white trainers to trick bouncers

Savvy clubber puts socks over white trainers to trick bouncers

A SAVVY clubber wore socks over his shoes to trick bouncers into letting him into a club after they rejected him for wearing white trainers.

The male clubber, who did not wish to be named, and his friends thought up the idea after realising they could make his trainers look like £595 Balenciaga Sock Trainers.

After being rejected multiple times by bouncers at the Manchester club on Saturday, the group of friends snuck off to fix the problem.


A hilarious video shows the friends huddled around each other outside as they put black socks over the man’s white trainers.

The rejected clubber can be seen laughing as his friend stretches a black sock around the whole of his trainer and ankle.


A caption across the clip reads: “When the bouncers didn’t let you in because you wore white trainers.”

The video then shows the man enjoying a drink inside the club with his friends after managing to trick the unsuspecting bouncers.

He can be seen pointing down at his makeshift black sock shoes before the clip ends.

One of the friends, Rachael Silvester, 26, posted the video on TikTok on Tuesday, writing: “Manchester’s new club entry requirement. #lifehack” 

The video has already had over 1.9 million views and over 102,000 likes.

The first sock goes on
A friend puts a sock on over the shoe.                                                                                           (C) Rachael Silvester

More than 500 people have commented on the clip after being impressed by the craft idea.

Renowned DJ Ben Nicky said: “That’s genius.” 

TikTok user @Eloise Tynan said: “Sorry this is ridiculous, I can’t believe the colour of your trainers now determines your entry to a club.” 

@Destiny said: “That’s actually mad.” 

@Klarkasaurus said: “I never understood this, I remember being told I can’t go in because my shoes had laces in them.

“They weren’t even trainers, they were shoes.” 

@Gegenewtt wrote: “Lol, they thought they were Balenciaga sock trainers after.” 

Speaking today, Rachael, from Manchester, said: “We were out with a large group for a friend’s birthday. 

He get into the club
He successfully gets into the club with the socks on.                                                                        (C) Rachael Silvester 

“The guy with the trainers had tried to get into the club a few times but they kept turning him away saying they weren’t letting people wearing trainers in.

“We didn’t want him to miss out on the fun and have to go home so someone had the idea to cover his shoes in black socks. 

“My friend Emily took off her socks and stretched them over his trainers. 

“We then all queued up to get in and the bouncers let him straight through.” 

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