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NewsScots "live-in landlord" lists room where showers are allowed "during agreed times"

Scots “live-in landlord” lists room where showers are allowed “during agreed times”

A SCOTS “live-in landlord” has been slammed for listing her spare room to rent on the condition that showers and visitors are only allowed “during agreed times”. 

The bedroom at the property in Glasgow’s Southside was initially listed at £700-per-month on the basis that the the tenant only stayed there from Monday to Friday.

The landlord, known only as Kate, did offer “occasional weekends” which would be negotiable at an extra cost.

The bedroom listed for £750
The listing stated that shower times must be agreed in advance.                                                                (C) SpareRoom

However, following backlash, Kate then ramped the rent up to £750-per-month, allowing her potential tenant, aged between 20 – 40, to live there for the full week.

The bizarre SpareRoom listing states that the flatmate must only use showers during agreed times and that those have to be agreed in advance.

No pets are allowed but guests can visit – only if landlord Kate has been informed and agrees beforehand.

Despite the live-in-landlord working from home they have also demanded that any applicants are not working from home and do not vape or smoke.

Social media users have been left shocked by the strict house rules of the property, with one even branding the landlord an “awful human”.

The original property listing reads: “I work from home, and am looking for a 30s or 40s year-old non-smoking, non-vaping individual to rent my spare room on a Mon – Fri basis (occasional weekends also negotiable at extra cost).

“My room is ideal for an NHS worker at the New Victoria Hospital located opposite.

“You will have use of my shower during agreed times and your own downstairs bathroom with a roll-top bath, which I will also have access to (times to be announced in advance).

“The cost is £700 pcm and includes all bills. There is a visitor parking space in the car park, which you can make use of it available.

“You will be expected to clean your room and bathroom, and we will share the cleaning on a rolling weekly basis (though I will do 70% given I am here full-time).

“No pets allowed. You can have guests if agreed in advance.

The ad continues: “There is easy access to Sainsbury’s, Lidl, cool bars and restaurants, as well as coffee shops. Locavore is a 10-minute walk away.”

The original room listing
The room was listed for a whopping £750.                                                                                              (C) SpareRoom

Glasgow resident Sanne Jehoul drew attention to the bizarre listing on Twitter yesterday writing: “Pay this live-in landlord a cool £700pcm for a room from Monday to Friday only.

“Shower times to be announced in advance. 

“Visitors to be announced in advance.  

“In the up and coming G42 area! 

“You only have to do 30% of the cleaning! 

“Weekends negotiable at extra cost, but only sometimes ok?”

The post has now collected over 1,200 likes and hundreds of retweets.

Social media users left comments after being perplexed by the property. 

@yerinacult said: “Cool bars really sold it for me, ones I can’t enjoy on weekends though. Damn it.”

@LesleyMcDowell1 said: “For £700 pcm you could rent a one bedroom flat all to yourself in the ‘up and coming G42’!

@UrbanistTOC said: “It’s a very long way of just saying ‘I am a f*****g awful human, and I want you to cover my mortgage and bills’.

“I wonder if you can shower on the weekend though, maybe that’s the catch. (also, £750 is £25 more than my two bedroom flat in G41).

@LalenaMa said: “We should all message her and ask her about the bathroom schedule.”

@rmason717 said: “Reported for audacity.”

@kenkenniff wrote: “Wonder what she gets up to at the weekends.”

@gedfitzfilm said: “This is like living in an abusive relationship.”

@dsa840269 commented: “So, so much wrong with this for sure.

“But, no toilet roll holder – presumably for £750 a month that includes someone to stand there and hand you a sheet at a time? Wow…”

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