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Soccer Is More Popular Than Ever

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Soccer is said to be at least 2,000 years old. It was more seriously taken up in the 19th century and from there on in, it has been going way. That is UP. For better or for worse, soccer is the world’s most popular game and that is a fact. But what’s also a fact that in the sport’s millennia-old history, there has not been a moment when it stopped growing.

Photo by Yogendra Singh from Pexels

Fast-forward to 2021 and this is still the case. Now, you may argue that betting options such as soccer odds 1×2 are often too good to pass up on and look, you will be right. Betting on soccer does lead to a much better engagement overall, but this is hardly all there is to the game. There are at least several criteria that drive soccer’s popularity.

Soccer Grows on People

Soccer is a simple enough game and that is one of its biggest draws. People around the world can play the game and follow its progress without any prior training. This elevates the game’s status not just as a competitive sport, but also as a casual pastime that can be enjoyed by billions of people (and it is). In other words, whether you are old or young, poor, or rich, you can play soccer and derive the same joy of the game Messi, Lewandowski or Ronaldo do when they play. Sure, you won’t be taking your team to the summits of the game, but this isn’t necessary.

For this simple reason of “relating” to others through soccer, the game is easy to promote and market. With even a basic understanding of it, you can immediately see how difficult and beautiful some of the tricks demonstrated in a regular game of soccer are.

Of course, there is a huge moment of commercializing the game, but that is usually done with the explicit agreement of fans. People around the world are happy to pay for cable to watch their favorite soccer teams play. They are more than happy to pay for merchandise and tickets, and that is not simply a way of consumerism, it’s a way to share one’s love for the game.

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