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Aldi get boy, 5, in for “shift” – and even give him a uniform

AN ALDI store arranged for a five-year-old boy to come in to work – and even gave him his own uniform and badge.

Rupert Knight was invited to come and do a bit of work with the managers at an Aldi store in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, on Tuesday.

The youngster’s mum Kirsty Knight had posted photographs of her son cleaning up rubbish from the aisles on social media and was later asked by the store’s area manager to come in.

The store surprised the schoolboy with his own navy Aldi uniform and “Rupert, Store Assistant” name badge, when he visited them.

He was then shown around the store and warehouse before helping to recycle Aldi packaging.

To his excitement, Rupert was then even shown how to work the tills

In an adorable video, the youngster can be seen rearranging cans in one of the aisles and removing empty packaging. 

At the end of his shift, he was awarded a star customer service badge by one of the managers.

Kirsty posted adorable pictures of Rupert during his visit on Facebook later on that day, writing: “When your five-year old gets a job at Aldi.”

The post received over 2,000 likes and over 150 comments from impressed staff.

One Aldi worker said: “I love this, he looks so smart, my kids dress up in my Aldi uniform too at home.

“Could we ask for a transfer to my store please?”

Rupert was invited to Aldi for a day of work
Rupert went to work at Aldi, helping them clear all the recycling.                                                        Credit: Kirsty Knight

Another said: “I see potential Employee of the Month awards coming. 

“He looks so happy, love this photo.”

One member of the group added: “Oh my, what a heartbreaker.


And another said: “How cute.”

“Can learn so much at a young age, plus I’d love being a shopper and having this wee friendly gentleman to help me.

“Well done, lovely.”

Speaking today, Kirsty said: “Rupert has been telling me for months he works at Aldi.

“Every time I go shopping he has to come to do some work, and by that he means getting rid of all the cardboard.

“If there isn’t an empty cage he will ask a member of the team to grab him one.

“Aldi contacted me to invite Rupert into their Mansfield store to meet the store manager and area manager. 

“They got him the t-shirt and badge with his name on, plus a customer service star.

“Rupert was shown around the store; in the office, in the warehouse, in the big fridge and freezers and in the staff room where he found a big bag of Christmas treats just for him.

Kirsty added: “The customers thought he was super cute and some commented saying ‘they start them young here’ and things like ‘is he on an apprenticeship?’

“Rupert said he loved everything about working at Aldi. He even got to try out a till.”

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