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Hermes apologise after driver filmed spitting on customer’s doorstep

HERMES has apologised after their driver was filmed spitting on a customer’s doorstep before wiping down remnants on his top with his hand.

Hal Bozdogan was disgusted when he spotted the incident on his Ring doorbell two weeks ago while looking through his footage.

The security cam clip shows the Hermes driver approaching Hal’s front door in Wigan, Greater Manchester, and pressing the doorbell before knocking the door.


The courier then sniffs before spitting towards the ground while standing at the front door.

A large amount of white phlegm can be seen coming out from his mouth and onto the ground beside bushes.

And he even then wipes down his jumper after some remnants of the spit end up landing on himself.

The driver then sniffs inwards again before Hal opens the door and is handed his package from the same hand that the courier used to wipe down his top.

The delivery driver spat on Hal's doorstep
Hal had ordered a Christmas present from Hermes which was being delivered.                                    Credit: Hal Bozdogan

Hal, 39, posted the footage, which happened on 16 November, to Twitter last Friday after getting frustrated with Hermes’ lack of action.

He wrote: “I’ve been in touch with @Hermesparcels and all I’m getting are generic template replies. 

“I’ll ask the audience instead if they think it’s acceptable for one of their couriers to do this, especially considering #COVID19?”

The vile footage has been viewed almost 200 times on social media.

Twitter user Sophie Shahla commented: “Ewwwwww on your doorstep.”

And Cassie Danes wrote: “Unacceptable.”

Speaking today, Hal said: “I’d ordered a Christmas gift and I’d seen this Hermes driver in the neighbourhood before so assumed he was a regular driver on our street.

“I didn’t notice the video at the time I was checking through my Ring videos on an unrelated matter and just happened to view the video.

“I was extremely disgusted that this driver had spat right on my doorstep, proceeded to wipe his hands on his top and then hand me my package with the same hand.

“Considering the Covid epidemic, I was pretty upset at the total disrespect to my property and to my health and safety.

“I lodged a complaint with Hermes who sent me a generic reply about leaving my package in a safe place or with a neighbour.

“I told them that they clearly haven’t read my complaint properly as I wasn’t concerned with where my package was delivered, but the manner in which it was delivered.

A spokeswoman for Hermes today said: “We have been in touch with Mr Bozdogan to apologise for this unacceptable behaviour and provided a goodwill payment.

“Our local team is speaking to the courier involved.”

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