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9 Reasons Every Adult Needs To Keep Learning

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As we get older, many of us drift away from active learning, although this isn’t always by choice. Life and careers can get in the way, and with such busy lifestyles it can be difficult to set aside some time to learn a new skill or even to just catch up with the daily news. That’s not to say our desire to learn is not there, but it is difficult to set aside some time every day to expand our minds, and to ultimately stick to that routine. When we consider the reasons as to why it’s important to keep learning during adulthood, it can help encourage us to dedicate some time to improving our knowledge and further building our skills.

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Keep Up With The World
Reading or watching news stories can be a fantastic start when it comes to learning, as garnering more knowledge doesn’t have to be via a text book or lesson. While it can be tempting to stick to articles and videos about your favorite subjects, it’s important to look into stories that are out of your comfort zone. These will teach you much more than the content you already have a good understanding about. For example, why not learn about the happenings in other countries around the world? Learning about other cultures on our planet can be a very interesting experience, but it can also help you to keep up with our rapidly changing world. For example, learning about issues regarding race, gender, and sexuality can help us to improve as people and become more understanding and respectful. At the end of the day, hatred generally comes from ignorance and a lack of understanding.

Retrain For A New Career
There are many industries in our world which are being taken over by automation and changes in their processes. To better prepare ourselves for our own industries and careers from being taken away from us, it’s important to think about alternative career paths and growth and this tends to require further training in other skills. This doesn’t mean that you need to go to school again unless that career requires a particular qualification, it simply means that it may be worth learning a new skill or talent in your own time so you’re better prepared if the time comes to change direction. This could be anything from learning to write code, to learning a new language, which would also open you up to exploring careers in other countries too.

Maintain An Active Mind
The mind acts similarly to our muscles in that when it’s not used much it becomes weaker. Instead, if we choose to actively use our minds, we can sharpen our intellect, our problems solving skills, and even our reaction times. We can activate our minds in a number of ways, and this can be from simple things like crosswords and puzzles to video games and learning new skills entirely. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to learn, then there’s no better time to try than now. We can always find some reason to not attempt to learn these new skills, from busy work schedules to being too tired. Try to start small and allow yourself 30 minutes a day to pursue these new lessons and keep that mind active.

Avoid Misinformation
We are always consuming information in some way, especially if we’re scrolling social media or generally speaking to others during our daily lives. Unfortunately, it’s this passive consumption that can deliver false and sometimes harmful information into our mindsets and lead us down a path of false claims and lies. Instead, actively research topics that you’ve learned about to dispel any mistruths and misinformation. Perhaps you’ve developed a certain mistrust of a particular news channel or the media as a whole. It’s okay to feel that way, but it’s important that you are honest with yourself and also don’t allow opportunists to take advantage of your mistrust, bolstering your hatred and anger. Instead, channel your skepticism into something more positive and use it to encourage your research into particular topics. Don’t let yourself get swept up by the agitation of others, and instead think for yourself and listen to conflicting opinions to better help you make up your own mind.

Become More Open-Minded
Another great reason to keep learning is that we can use this thirst for knowledge to open our minds to things we never would have considered or believed before. For example, a topic that has faced incessant ridicule over the years is the topic of UFOs, now officially referred to by governments and world militaries as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UAPs. Utilizing online resources by trustworthy sites that encourage their readers to think for themselves, such as UFO Insight are worth checking out. Make sure you’re finding sites that don’t throw opinion at you as though it were fact, and instead, find resources that conduct their own case studies and present their findings in an honest way.

You Have More Time On Your Hands
As a species, we humans are living much longer than those that came before us. And therefore, we have a lot more time to spend on things like learning. But also, as we spend most of our time working on our careers, this can lead to us being more unhappy with our lives if we’re in a profession we no longer enjoy. Learning new skill can help us to seek out new avenues of work and ultimately get our happiness back on track.

Improve Your Social Skills
Many people that learn new skills tend to find themselves in more social situations, especially with people that are learning the same things. If you’re studying at an adult learning center, you’ll likely meet other classmates who have similar interests to you. And if you’ve taken on the challenge of learning on your own steam, you’ll eventually have the opportunity of coming into contact with others that are interested in learning that particular skill, whom you can either learn more from or part your own findings and experiences with. The social aspect of learning can be hugely beneficial to us, as we can develop strong friendships with more people and ultimately become more confident and extroverted.

Feel More Fulfilled
Continued learning in adulthood can help us to feel happier with our lives, especially if we accomplish new tasks or have learned a particular skill to a satisfactory standard. The feelings of success that this can bring can boost our mood and even spur us on to learning even more things. It can also go towards boosting our creativity if we’ve learned a particular skill that involves our talents and artistic abilities. This also allows us to better express ourselves and find new and interesting ways to portray our feelings. Learning creative skills can allow us to develop these outlets for our emotions and can feel incredibly therapeutic.

Encourage The Younger Generation To Learn
While the whole point of this article is to show that education is not solely for the young, it’s important to consider the impact that our actions have on the young people in our lives. Showing your dedication to learning in adult life can influence our children to see the benefits of continued education. It can even help you to form a stronger bond with your kids as you both tackle learning together. You might also find yourself being better able to help them with their own studies too as you develop your ability to grasp new concepts.

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