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Holidays in Coral Bay Cyprus

Coral Bay in the western coast of Cyprus is one of the best beaches on the island. It is close to the city of Paphos. The beach and its surrounding areas are both very scenic. The tourist infrastructure is well developed. It is also one of the best beaches for families with children of all ages.

The beach is covered with extremely fine and soft, light yellow colored sand that has a reddish tint. The unique nature of the beach is one reason why it is so popular both with the tourists and Paphos locals. Sandy beaches are rate in the area. Most beaches close to the city has a mixed cover of sand, shell rock or pebbles, which is not always comfortable. 

Coral Bay has clean sand. You can relax for hours on the beach. The kids can play around safely. Sand has been brought to Coral Bay from other beaches of Cyprus. The sea washes it over time, which means, the beach is completely “renewed” once every 20 years.

The seabed of Coral Bay is sandy and shallow. There are rocks in some places, but they are large and protrude above the water, so you cannot miss them. It slopes down gently into the water, which is why, swimming here is always safe, even for children. The beach itself is inside a cozy bay. There are two rocky highlands on either side. One of them is the Maa-Paleokastro peninsula, which juts out into the sea. There is a hill behind the beach and the coastal region.

Where to Stay

You will find all types of accommodation options here, including villas near Coral Bay beach, thanks to Cyprus Villas.

Villa Phoenix – This is a 4-bedroom villa for rent in Coral Bay. You will find this to be very tranquil, rrom the moment you enter this property. It offers a private pool, sun deck with loungers, manicured lawn, BBQ facilities, and luxurious interiors decorated with fine Mexican metalwork and aesthetic furnishings. Here you will find all the amenities for a modern lifestyle. Rent from $ 473 per night.

Sublime Villa – A good choice for a large group of up to 10 people. The villa’s pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, terraces, play area, lush gardens and all other amenities will be just for you and your group for the duration of your stay. Villa rental prices start at $ 237 per night.


The sea has natural barriers, which ensures that the weather here is nice and comfortable. The sea water is usually 3-5 degrees warmer than on the beaches in the region. Coral Bay has natural protection from the waves, But, you will still see small waves on the beach. However, there is dark algae both in the water and on the beach, which is the only negative thing about the Coral Bay Beach. The algae is removed daily, though.


The beach has good infrastructure and amenities for tourists. It is a Blue Flag beach with equipment rentals, changing rooms, fresh water showers, sanitary zones, and the provision for washing feet. You will also find lifeguards during the daytime. There are also massage rooms on the Coral Bay beach. There are small tents in the shade where you can relax and enjoy the massage.

The beach is a kilometer long and 10 to 40 meters wide. The main swimming zone is about 600 meters. It can get crowded in the peak season as Coral Bay is one of the most popular beaches in Cyprus. You will find many folding sun loungers and umbrellas where you can relax. There is gap between them for privacy. Visitors can also relax away from the main swimming area. It will be spacious and quieter here.

Prices of the beach services are slightly on the higher side because of the popularity of Coral Bay. For instance, the cafes, restaurants, and bars will charge you a bit more than many other places on the island.

Cafes and Restaurants

There are many cafes and bars nearby. The Nammos Beach Bar is close to the Maa Peninsula in the northern part of the beach. The Paradise Beach Bar is at the opposite end. You can buy local foods and drinks in both these places. There are beach parties in the evening.

Those who love exquisite and exotic cuisine will find Indian, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine at the Gold Temple Chinese & Indian Restaurant and the Samisen Japanese Restaurant. They are both only a five-minute walk away.


There are many entertainment options too, mostly at the Coral Bay Watersports Center. You can rent watersports equipment here, go water skiing, or ride a parachute while being towed by a speedboat. There are also water activities for children, like inflatable pontoon slides and banana rides.

What to See

In the Maa-Paleokastro peninsula headland, you will find the Cyprus Museum, which is also a functioning archeological site. This small museum was built on the site of an ancient Mycenaean Greek settlement. The Greeks arrived in Cyprus after the fall of the Mycenaean kingdom. The settlement dates back to the 12th century BC and existed until 1150 BC.

In the museum, you can see many archaeological finds (mostly copies) from the excavation site. However, most tourists are interested in the unusual design of its building. It looks like a landed UFO from the outside.

How to Reach from Paphos

Coral Bay is twelve kilometers north from the Paphos city center. It is close to the small town of Peyia. Take the road along the sea from Paphos to reach Coral Bay. There will be many banana plantations on the other side. Along the way, you will reach Tombs of the Kings. Keep driving. The Coral Bay beach will be on your left. You will see many road signs all along.

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