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Study reveals that the UK is expected to spend £94.4 billion on Christmas presents this year

A NEW study has revealed that the UK is expected to spend £94.4 billion on Christmas presents this year.

The study, carried out by Next, also estimated that a whopping £8.7 billion will be spent on decorations this festive season.

The study carried out last month, surveyed 2,000 UK residents to find out what their ultimate Christmas looks like.

Christmas presents
Image by Markus Spiske on Pexels

Paying attention to spending habits, dress codes and Christmas dinner, the study looked to uncover how the UK celebrates Christmas.

UK Christmas shoppers are estimated to spend up to £1,380 on Christmas presents in the run-up to Christmas each year.

The study placed sons on the top spot as most spoiled with an average of £128 spent on them each year. This was closely followed by daughters at £127 and spouses at £125.

Meanwhile, friends were found to be on the less-expensive side when it comes to Christmas shopping habits.

The study found that an average of £64 and £66 is spent on friends and best friends.

Data also shows that friends may be the most likely to slip from your Christmas gift list, with 24% of respondents admitting to not buying gifts for friends at all.

A huge part of Christmas day is dedicated to eating and drinking. With a traditional turkey dinner on the cards for many, Next found out what the average Christmas dinner in the UK looks like.

The ultimate UK Christmas dinner consists of eight slices of meat, three pigs in blankets, three stuffing balls, four roast potatoes, three Yorkshire puddings, three spoonfuls of gravy and 17 portions of vegetables.

When it comes to celebrating, the UK appears uneasy at the thought of trying out new Christmas traditions.

Only 6% of the UK’s population strongly agree that they would be open to trying out new traditions, whilst 30% admit to feeling protective over traditions and would therefore not be willing to change them.

However, when it comes to celebrating with a partner, compromising your Christmas traditions can be essential.

Relationship expert James Preece said: “Christmas day is all about doing things for other people, so make sure you make it a fair balance.

“Make a list of all the things that are important to you both and work your way through this.

“Choose the ones you each want to stick to and accept the same from your partner. However, keep in mind that part of the fun of the season is creating new traditions to look forward to…together.”

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