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NewsVideo shows Scot surprising parents after not seeing them for two years

Video shows Scot surprising parents after not seeing them for two years

A HEARTWARMING video shows the moment a Scots student surprised his parents after not seeing them for two years due to strict lockdown measures in Australia.

Ciara and Erin McNair arranged for their brother Joe to fly back home from Sydney last week to surprise their parents, Frances and Dale McNair.

The triplets planned the emotional reunion so the whole family could spend Christmas together at home in Ayr – after missing out last year due to Covid restrictions.

Joe studies at Hillsong College in Sydney and had been unable to fly back home due to guidelines that meant it would be difficult for the 20-year-old to get back into the country.

Last year, he wouldn’t have been able to return back into the country for his second year of studies so decided to stay put until restrictions eased.

But last week the sisters’ documented the moment they finally got to pick up their brother from Glasgow Airport and reunite him with his parents.

The amazing video shows unsuspecting parents Frances, 59, and Dale, 60, sitting next to each other on a sofa with blindfolds over their eyes. 

Joe then sneaks through the door silently but the family dog Lexie immediately recognises him and can be seen jumping up to him in excitement. 

Ciara then counts to three before the Scots mum and dad take off their blindfolds.

Joe then shouts “Hello!” as Frances and Dale are captured putting their hands over their mouths in complete shock.

Frances then walks over to her son for a big hug and bursts out crying with happiness as the two embrace.

Dad Dale then also stands up and joins the pair for a heartwarming hug for the special moment.

Frances can be heard asking: “How did you manage that?” 

To which one of the sisters replies: “We don’t know!” 

Joe is set to spend the whole Christmas period with his family and will fly back to Australia for his third and final year in January. 

The McNair family
The triplets planned the early return as a secrete.

Ciara shared the heartwarming video to TikTok on Wednesday, writing: “We decided to surprise our parents with our brother coming home after two years living in Australia.”

The video has now collected over 2,000 likes with dozens of comments and shares from users who loved the reunion. 

@Hannah Shields said: “This is genuinely too cute. I’m so happy for all of you, I can’t believe you pulled off that surprise.” 

@Aime said: “Wow, how heartwarming.” 

@rachelhughes198 said: “This made me cry, adorable.” 

@Dayna Miller/Munro added: “When your mum and dad look at each other and start crying I lost it.” 

Speaking today, Ciara said: “Restrictions made it very difficult for him to get home and he wouldn’t have been able to get back into the country, for his second year of college. 

“Our parents were so shocked, they didn’t expect it at all. After two years of not seeing him it was definitely a surprise and a lot of tears. 

“Due to the new variant of the virus my parents were starting to worry that he wouldn’t get back home as there were talks about further travel restrictions, so him coming home early was a relief. 

“It was funny because my parents were worried about this while my sister and I knew he was on the plane home.

“My sister and I were so excited to see him that we got to the airport three hours early. It was definitely a day to remember.”

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