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NewsClubber claims Idris Elba got him and his friends into club after...

Clubber claims Idris Elba got him and his friends into club after being rejected by bouncers

A CLUBBER has revealed that Idris Elba got him and his friends into a nightclub after they were initially rejected by bouncers. 

TikTok user @s2inDacuttt also said that the The Wire star had offered to buy the group a table inside Club 49 Soho in London

A video shows the 49-year-old Luther actor standing outside the club chatting to security in front of the man and his group of friends. 

Elba then seemingly barters with the bouncers while the group waits anxiously to see if he has managed to work his magic. 

After Elba apparently persuades the club staff to let the group in and even books them a table, the man filming can be heard saying: “Hey thanks for that man, I’m a big fan.” 

To which Elba replies: “Hey, no worries man.” 

The two then fist bump each other. 

A second video shows the TikTok user chatting away to Elba who can be heard saying: “Look after them for me yeah?

“I want to make sure they give it to you though.”

@s2indacuttt shared the videos to TikTok yesterday, writing: “We got rejected but when Aston Idris stepped in we got accepted in (sic).”

Idris Elba talking to club bouncers
The Luther star persuaded the nightclub bouncers to let the group of friends in.                         (C)@s2inDacuttt TikTok

He added: “Big up the legend himself.”

The post has now collected thousands and likes with dozens of comments from users who had respect for the star’s efforts. 

@STROVED said: “What a bloke!”

@K Y A wrote: “My respect for him went even higher.”

@Fog commented: “Man’s a real one no one can deny that.”

@Blogg10544 added: “What a legend man, hope you all behaved when you got in.”  

Elba plays DCI Stringer Bell in the HBO series The Wire and DCI John Luther in BBC One’s Luther.

He has been rumoured to play the next James Bond but recently quashed speculation.

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