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Intellexa Helps Governments Prevent Attacks

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Intellexa Launches New Platform, Orion, to Help
Governments Agencies Prevent Virtual Attacks

Intellexa’s new proactive defense platform, Orion, allows countries to eliminate virtual and in-person threats before playing out as attacks.

Cyber threats are lurking behind every corner in today’s tech-based world. These are not just threats to individuals but also to governments and law enforcement agencies.

The EU-based intelligence firm Intellexa launched its newest development, Orion, at the Milipol Paris Homeland Security and Safety conference in October 2021.

Orion allows states and government agencies to monitor, detect, and eliminate threats before they turn into attacks. With it, governments can improve efficiency while protecting their critical assets.

The new proactive defense platform gathers important information about attackers’ behavior and methodologies. The system infiltrates their networks and subsequently acquire essential knowledge about their actions, including cooperation between criminals.

By using Intellexa’s Orion platform, countries can stay ahead of threats before developing into severe security attacks.

Today, many countries use passive cyber-security systems to detect threats and keep their citizens’ data safe, but according to the intelligence company, that is not enough.

Instead, a proactive and innovative approach is needed to eliminate threats and keep them from becoming attacks.

Four layers of Orion

Orion offers four levels of security to suit each organization or country’s needs:

  • The first level of security implements proprietary external sensors that scan the organization’s internet-facing assets and identify threats.
  • The second takes the scanning to a new level by accessing the in-country governmental network gateways.
  • When utilizing the third level of security, Orion carries out an extensive international investigation of the organization’s networks and provides full coverage to detect and protect its systems.
  • With the highest level of security, National SOC, Orion provides the organization with an entire defensive layer and a Security Operations Center (SOC).

States or government agencies can choose to invest in Orion’s security platform at different levels or all of them.

Intellexa’s holistic approach to intelligence

Tal Dilian founded Intellexa in 2019 to help LEAs and governments worldwide fight virtual crime ever since.

For years, criminals like human traffickers, pedophiles, and fraudsters have used technology to operate under the police’s radar.

“Every criminal with an iPhone can now operate under the device’s encrypted networks that allow the organization to maintain the privacy of its customers,” Dilian explains.

“There was a need for innovative solutions to replace the old methods of detecting and catching suspects and criminals. There’s more than simple OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence),” he adds.

However, Intellexa’s systems help keep citizens safe with its advanced methods.

The intelligence company developed an insights and analysis technologies using a holistic approach to intelligence that collects data, analyzes, and optimizes it.

Intellexa is the perfect solution for LEAs and intelligence agencies that want to get a handle on their data.

When these organizations use the platform, they can gain deep, insightful, and actionable intelligence. This new information enables them to make accurate decisions, get a step ahead of criminals and unravel threats before they turn sinister.

These capabilities help close the gap between the criminals and the LEAs working to prevent the attacks.

Intellexa empowers state and government agencies to protect communities from criminal activities by delivering profound, insightful, and actionable intelligence, allowing precise decision-making and results.

Fusing scattered data into actionable insights

Tal Dilian founded Intellexa with the idea in mind that people should be able to feel safe online and when using technological devices.

The company’s efforts utilize data-driven intelligence mixed with machine learning.

The LEAs can finally gain insight into potential criminal threats instead of working with scattered pieces of information.

“Intellexa fuses big data resources to put together a complete picture and to make sense of shattered pieces of information. ‘Intellexa minimizes human error by analyzing the data and providing an insightful report using the semantic connection between data points,” Tal Dilian says.

He and Intellexa attended the ISS Europe convention in Prague from December 7th to December 9th. They led presentations about maximizing intelligence performance through automated social engineering machines and how to leverage digital assets for investigation.

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