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The template for a press release

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Are you still thinking about whether or not do you need to know more about a press release? If you need to spread information about your brand or company, describe events, services or products, present valuable features, you’ll definitely need this information.

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Moreover, you need a press release example that will show the possible structure in order to involve the users, enhance their interest and attract their attention. If you do not know how to write it, this article is everything you need.

The Basic Information

Press releases are created in order to highlight some general data about important issues. According to PRposting the media always pay attention to them, and if they are posted on reliable resources and are structured in the right way that helps spread the information without special efforts.

Both for new and well-known companies, they provide the following benefits:

  • Getting backlinking from the resources with high reliability and good reputation.
  • Engaging the clients and customers.
  • A viral effect which means the swift spreading of the data and involving many new clients through a brief period of time.

Previously a press release was mainly used by journalists, but nowadays these types of materials are rarely written in a formal way. The company tries to include interesting and the most valuable data in order to grip the attention of the clients.

How to Create a Press Release?

Each such material should be unique and as interesting as possible. However, you can follow the generally applicable structure, especially if you are writing it for the first time.

While making your press release include the following:

Headline and date

The title should give brief but sufficient data about the event or other information. The date is needed for a clear indication about when it is going to happen.


That is the first and the most valuable paragraph. It has to be focused on the most important data. Several sentences will be enough for this part. You can also include additional paragraphs here if it is appropriate.

Main text

It is aimed to tell the facts in up to 500 words with the promotion of the main ideas. As a rule of thumb classic materials always include quotes in order to give more vividness.

Final paragraph

It is used to conclude and summarize the above-mentioned information. Also, it is advisable to add here a call to action.

Templates and contact details

In the end, the short information about the owner together with contact details is usually given.

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