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Why personalised bar signs make a great gift

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One of the effects of the pandemic that seem to have shaken Brits to the core, is the lack of alcohol we could consume in our beloved pubs. As the pubs shut down, many people refused to let themselves go without that pub atmosphere we all know and love. This resulted in the British people taking a stand and innovating their own solution. This was the birth of the home bar boom. Home bars being built at the end of the garden, inside dormant sheds, and garages, even in spare bedrooms. The home bar became a staple lockdown investment for a lot of people and has seen the pub supplies industry boom.

Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels
Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels

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With this, not only has bar snacks and other pub accessories seen increased sales, but also the humble bar sign, which has grown in popularity massively. Novice landlords have sought out bar signs and personalised bar signs to really make their home bars look the part. Whether you’ve chosen to go classic with your last name, a traditional name of your favourite local, or you’ve gone completely unique to wind up your other half. The bottom line is personalised pub signs are a great touch to your home bars.

With Christmas and other holidays fast approaching, gift giving is on everyone’s minds. Bar signs are a fantastic gift for the man or woman in your life who loves the pub. A personalised bar sign is a great gift to go on your bar unit in the corner of your kitchen, the dry bar in your lounge. But better yet, it’s a great gift for those who are committed to the full home bar experience.

Picture your pint glasses lined up, the pork scratchings on the side of the counter hanging up looking very tempting, and then your personalised bar’s name in lights. Finish with your favourite drink and you’re quite literally the King of the Castle. Or the owner of your very own home bar and personalised bar sign.

Bar signs make a fantastic gift for the drinker in your life. Whether their dreams of a home bar are complete or in the works, a personalised bar sign is a great, quirky gift they can keep forever and add to any present or future bar.

Personalised bar signs make a great novelty gift also if you feel like dropping one of your mates in it for their frivolous drinking. This festive period why not give the gift of humour and fun with a personalised bar sign.

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