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NewsMum fuming after visiting Santa who was wearing Air Max and Apple...

Mum fuming after visiting Santa who was wearing Air Max and Apple Watch

A MUM was left fuming after taking her kids to visit Santa Claus at his grotto – but noticed him wearing Air Max 97’s and an Apple watch.

Leanne Mitchell asked “how can people expect children to keep believing?” after her family visit with the Santa that wore £150 trainers and a fancy high-tech watch.

The mum couldn’t believe her eyes when she spotted the modern, hip-looking Santa at the grotto in Newcastle, Tyne and Wear on Saturday.

Santa at the grotto
Santa was wearing a pair of Air Max 97’s as well as an Apple Watch.                                 Credit: Facebook/Leanne Mitchell

The shocked mum posted photographs on Snapchat and Facebook of her two boys visiting Santa where not a traditional, clumpy, black boot was in sight.

In the images, Santa can be seen sitting with a bag of gifts with a masked elf to his right hand side while meeting Leanne’s children.

He is shown posing for a photo with the boys with a thumbs up while his pricey Nike’s, which cost around £150, appear to be glowing from the camera flash.

His black Apple watch is shown around his right hand wrist as he posed for more photographs in his red and white costume and thick white beard.

Retail worker Leanne slammed the Santa fail on Facebook on Saturday, writing: “Could only happen to me, honestly!

“How can people expect children to keep believing when they’re knocking out Santa’s in TNS.”

Leanne’s post received over 4,000 likes and over 7,500 shares.

Thousands of people were left in stitches by the incident – although some merely commented that Santa was wearing Air Max 97’s not TNS.

Santa's Air Max were on full display
Santa was sat giving out gifts while wearing a pair of Air Max 97’s.                                   Credit: Facebook/Leanne Mitchell

Yvonne Howey said: “Can’t believe the comments over a pair of trainers, no one’s mentioned his Apple Watch so people can send him messages.”

Codie Swift said: “Roadman Santa.”

Declan Lee Jones said: “Even the big man has to have fresh sneaks, though they’re 97’s.”

Jamie Daly said: “The flying reindeer don’t give it away but Santa’s Nike’s will?”

Koda Foster said: “For when the chimneys blocked and he has to boot down a door.”

Rori Millar said: “Santa your gutties are scrappers!” 

Dean Powell Stokes said: “Bahaha fair play to him.”

And Jared Stenett said: “Gotta have comfy shoes on with the mileage he does.”

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