Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Top StoriesAnti-vaxxer "sneaks past passport control" to rant to passengers about vaccines

Anti-vaxxer “sneaks past passport control” to rant to passengers about vaccines

AN ANTI-VAXXER was removed from a plane by security after “sneaking past passport control” without a vaccine passport to rant to passengers about vaccines. 

The man allegedly managed to run onto the plane at Stansted Airport, which was about to leave for Dublin, on Wednesday to subject passengers to the bizarre outburst.

A shocking video shows the man standing at the front of the Ryanair plane, while the door is still open, as he shouts and waves his arms to plane travellers.

The riled-up customer can be heard saying: “I have a right, every single person on this plane has a right not to take a test. 

“Who do they think they are? I have a constitutional right in the amendment.

“I don’t have to take something, you are being forced. You are being forced into everything, ‘take a vaccine, you do this, take a vaccine you do that’. 

“It’s all control, it’s all control, they’re controlling the whole world by the one world order, the one agenda.

“You think I’m lying? Do the research, check. The vaccine, it’s a plan-demic. 

“How many footballers has it killed already or professional athletes, killed, dead, heart attack. 

“How many kids has it maimed? Does anyone want to inject poison into your kids? You are being lied to, it’s a plan-demic.” 

As the man rants and raves, the rest of the passengers can be heard laughing at him at different times. 

One passenger, who wished to remain anonymous, shared the video to TikTok yesterday, writing: “It’s a ‘plan-demic’”.

The Ryanair customer ranting about vaccines
The customer was escorted off the plane by security.

The clip has attracted over 485,000 views already but no comments due to the passenger turning the function off.

Speaking today they said: “The man managed to sneak past passport control at Ryanair and managed to get onto the plane. 

“One of the air hostesses approached him asking him to leave the plane as he had not provided a Covid passport or a negative Covid test.

“The whole situation escalated then, he refused to get off and security was called.” 

Speaking today a spokesperson for Ryanair said: “An individual on this flight from London Stansted to Dublin was removed by the crew after breaching airport security and becoming disruptive on board.

“The safety and security of all Ryanair flights is our number one priority and we will not allow passengers to travel who do not fully comply with safety and security regulations.”

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