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Media Interview with Ivan Barkurov

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Ivan Bakurov, the owner of Ivans Media, one of the most successful Instagram promoting companies, tells how he succeeded

  1. Ivan, hello! Tell us please, how long do you work as a promoter?

I’ve been promoting for quite long time, 5 or 6 years. During this time we have already helped more than 1000 bloggers, stars and brands. And Ivans Media works not only with stars and experienced bloggers. No, we work with everyone: beginners, starting accounts without subscribers. Even if they are just looking for their own way we try to help them to find themselves.

  1. Why did you choose promoting?

I just love this job. This job has one indisputable plus – it is connected with communication with interesting and talented people. Yes, the process itself requires enormous efforts. But the result itself, the realization that you helped the client to achieve his goals, brings incredibly positive emotions. To get the very complete and unique picture, we carry out tens of thousands of operations. But it’s worth it.

  1. Do you have any algorithm for promoting on Instagram?

I believe that there can be no strict rules in promotion. Each of our clients has their own goals and their own vision of what they want to achieve. So every project requires an individual strategy and creativity. There are certainly many ways to achieve the goal: content, targeting, coloborations and so on, but there is no specific algorithm. We do everything we can and even more, so that he or she achieves the desired results as soon as possible.

  1. Please tell us something about your clients. In what sphere do they work?

As I’ve already told you, my promoting compony Ivans Media has been operating for quite long time. So, it is difficult to remember all the clients, and to which area they belong. We have worked with everyone: singers, actors, brands, athletes, etc. We do not divide clients into areas of activity, we try to help everyone. Even if some area is new to us, we are happy to immerse ourselves in a new project.

  1. Can you name some of the stars you’ve been working with?

It is hard to say. It’s actually easier to list those we haven’t worked with. We have a huge list of clients – we worked with Kirkorov, with Guzeeva, with Loboda. Our company has worked with almost all the stars in Russia. For one reason or another, many celebrities have contacted us.

  1. Tell our audience please how you look for clients?

Frankly speaking, we try not to look for new clients. We have a huge client base. We really have a lot of regular customers who regularly contact us. But as we grow and develop, new clients find us on their own. I want to say that we do not have periods when there is no work for us.

7. Ivan, could you open your secret? Why is your agency so succesful?

There is no special secret. Just our reputation. It is very important for the Ivans Media agency, and we work on it every day. Our clients know that they can entrust us with the password for any account, and my agency always justifies this trust. We have a lot of experience in promoting on Instagram, and in my company I have reliable specialists.  In this business, the issue of trust is generally very important. And all of our successful clients trust us.

8. Could you tell us, what the result of your work depends on?

The work result depends on many factors. For our part, we do our best. The list of our services includes not only promotion, but also support, organization and assistance in holding or participating in various events, photo sessions, as well as consultations, promotions, etc. We cover all areas of the client and work on all the fronts.

But of course, a lot depends on the client as well. If a person is talented, purposeful and willing to work, he will succeed in any case. But with our help it will be much more faster.

9. Ivan, tell us please what the nearest plans for Ivans Media you have?

Ivans media agency is going to grow and develop. Our clients trust us, and we cannot let them down, so we will continue to work in this direction. Today, many Instagram users have a lot of problems: with page management, production, and content. And we will continue to help talented and motivated people to get success.

Therefore, we will continue to go forward, to conquer new heights. And in the near future it’s the USA market. And as I know myself and my team, I am sure that we will succeed.

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