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Study reveals more Scots are cycling due to environmental concerns

A RECENT study has revealed that more Scots are cycling due to environmental concerns.

The study carried out by Cycling Scotland found that the number of bikers who cite the environment as the reason they cycle has more than doubled since 2017.

In that four year period there has also been a 70% increase in young people cycling.

Cyclists in Scotland
Since 2017 70% more young people have started cycling.

The study which was released today, found that there has been a 30% increase in the number of people cycling since 2017.

A total 35% of people in Scotland now cycle for transport or leisure on a regular or occasional basis.

The study found that the number of people choosing the environment as their reason for cycling increased from 12% in 2017 to 28% in 2021.

Keith Irving, Chief Executive of Cycling Scotland, said: “The world has changed considerably since we last carried out this tracker research in 2019.

“With 35% of the population cycling for transport or leisure, it’s encouraging to see cycling becoming a much more common way of getting around and getting exercise. As well as helping people feel healthier and happier, swapping the car for the bike remains key in tackling the climate emergency.”

The study also highlighted barriers which stop people from choosing to cycle.

Many parents shared their concerns over road safety with 70% of those interviewed rating their local road negatively.

A further 61% of respondents also claimed that a lack of cycle lanes and traffic-free routes in their area stop them from cycling.

Irving commented on what can be done to improve the number of people choosing to cycle, he said: “To help more people cycle, we need to ensure access to bikes and storage, both at home and at destinations including workplaces and shops.

“We can see in our research that roads being too busy is one of the biggest barriers to cycling – we need to reduce vehicle traffic in shopping and residential streets, in line with the welcome Scottish Government commitment to reduce vehicle kilometres by 20% in 2030.

“To make our roads safer, particularly for children, a network of dedicated cycling lanes, separated from traffic, is the biggest priority. And every journey cycled will make a difference in cutting emissions in a just transition to Net Zero.”

The study which is carried out every two years by Cycling Scotland, interviewed a total of 1,029 people living in Scotland between August and September 2021.

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