Monday, July 4, 2022
NewsYou must be boaking - Scots Dad struggles to complete his lateral...

You must be boaking – Scots Dad struggles to complete his lateral flow test

SOCIAL media users have been left in stitches after a Scots daughter filmed their dads first ever attempt at taking a lateral flow test.

Isla Dracup captured the moment her dad Ian Dracup wretched whilst dabbing the back of his mouth with the provided cotton swab on Saturday.

In the video Ian from Edinburgh triggers his gag reflex and after struggling to keep his composure begins dry heaving.

The 54-year-old then thankfully manages to get the swab out of his mouth and stops himself from being sick. 

Isla, 22, could not believe her dad’s reaction and immediately got her phone out to capture the unfortunate moment. 

The family were all taking lateral flow tests before attending a family party in Edinburgh at the weekend. 

The PR worker uploaded the video to TikTok on Saturday where it immediately went viral leaving users in stitches.

The clip has been viewed over two million times and received over 171,000 likes and over 4000 comments. 

Tom Headford said: “It’s funnier for me because I literally do the same thing.”

Rachel Chinouriri said: “Laughing my f*****g a** off.”

Elysia Griffiths said: “Exactly how I feel at work.”

Ian Dracup taking his lateral flow test
Ian Dracup struggled to take the required swab.                                                                                  Credit: Isla Dracup

Lauren Newman said: “I work at a site, they are all like this.”

Emma Murray said: “That second retch/scream has had me in tears for the past ten minutes, thank you.”

Harry Shephard said: “My dad still does this now.”

Speaking today Isla said: “I knew he would be bad but when I saw him gag the first time I was howling. 

“That was why I got my phone out, I was laughing so much and my mum and brother were upstairs so it was just me watching.

“I could not believe his reaction, I do them for work a lot and they aren’t that bad. 

“I didn’t think anybody could be that bad at doing a lateral flow test.

“He’s still as bad now as he was then.”

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