Wednesday, July 6, 2022
NewsMan leaves handbrake off before car narrowly misses oncoming traffic

Man leaves handbrake off before car narrowly misses oncoming traffic

CCTV footage captured the moment a man left his handbrake off – causing the car to roll back into a busy road and almost hit into seven cars

Ethan Bellingham only realised he made the mistake after it had already rolled down the street yesterday.

Heart-stopping CCTV footage shows Ethan, from Walshall, West Midlands, getting out of his fiancee Emma Freeman’s white BMW and walking towards his house.

Just as the plumber is out of sight, the vehicle begins trundling down the driveway and towards the road as multiple cars drive past.

Three cars zoom past on the far side of the road as the empty car’s front wheels find themselves free-wheeling onto the road. 

Amazingly, two cars that are approaching from both directions manage to spot the vehicle and come to a safe halt.

The rogue BMW then thankfully slows down and halts in the middle of the road – without causing any damage at all.

Ethan can then be seen walking towards the car to return it back to the driveway.

Ethan's car rolling onto the road
Thankfully the oncoming traffic managed to halt before colliding with the free-wheeling car.                (C) Ethan Bellingham

Emma shared the footage to TikTok last night, writing: “Someone’s looking over my car. 

“As you can see Ethan had no care, he just walked to the car like he parked it there. 

“He just walks down so calmly.”

The post has now collected over 44,000 likes and more than 700,000 views from viewers.

Jo-AnneLouise said: “I would be so embarrassed I would just leave it there and act like I didn’t know who’s it was.”

Charley Marie said: “I’d have gone in and made a cuppa and not even noticed.”

Jo Smith replied: “The cars stopped like they were letting a duck cross the road. Hopefully there’s no damage done.”

Emma Louise commented: “It always makes me giggle as the car waits to roll until the person gets out. It’s a bit like Toy Story.

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