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Shocking footage shows alleged Yodel driver delivering package by throwing it “10ft in the air”

SHOCKING CCTV footage shows an alleged Yodel driver delivering a package by throwing it “10ft in the air”.

Kurt Pelz’s CCTV caught the moment this month when a Yodel delivery man stood approximately 5 metres from his house in Corby, Northamptonshire and threw his parcel at his door, breaking the contents. 

Kurt Pelz claims the driver broke the parcel after lobbing it towards his front step in Corby, Northamptonshire earlier this month.

The footage shows the courier walking from the back of the van which was parked in view outside the property.

The man gets to the gate at the front of the house, however instead of opening it and walking up the short path, he chooses to stop.

Winding his arm back, he takes aim at the front door and launches the package like a frisbee towards the door. 

After narrowly missing the CCTV camera a dull thud can be heard as the parcel crashes to the ground.

The delivery driver
The courier gets ready to throw the package.

Without hesitation, the courier begins to walk back to the van to carry on with their shift.

When Kurt opened the package to find the damaged contents he immediately went to check his CCTV to see if he could get to the bottom of what had happened. 

Furious at what he saw, Kurt shared the video to Twitter, to get the attention of Courier, writing: “Yodel delivering a parcel, the contents are ruined.

“According to their automated system this was delivered to me in person.

The delivery man
The package in m id flight.

“My parcel peaked at about 10ft in the air before slamming into my front door splitting open and ruining the contents but still no reply!”

Little help was given to Kurt on Yodel’s online customer service page. 

He was told: “You will have to contact the sender for compensation on this. 

“Let them know about this situation. 

“Once this is completed, the sender will contact our concerned team on behalf of you and we will together find the best resolution.”

Speaking today Kurt said: “I had to make a twitter account and post the video on their page to get any response.”

“The most recent message from them stated that they tried to contact my daughter but were unsuccessful.

“They gave us a reference number to use and a claims phone number.

Kurt Pelz, 44.
Kurt Pelz.


“We have had no joy with them answering.

“The longest time I have been on hold is 45 minutes.”

This isn’t the first time in the last few months that Yodel Couriers have been critiqued for their customer service. 

In November a student was left dumbfounded when their courier left a note through their door, when they weren’t in, cheekily telling them to “be home” the next time.

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